17 Animals that are delivered in body and soul to his small owners

All the children dream of a four-legged friend, but not all parents approve of it, as any animal requires care and attention. But the emotions that the animals give them to the children pay for all the care for them.

Great.guru collected 17 poignant examples of a strong friendship between animals and children.

My dog

Since the early days, we are like brothers

Together until the end

Charlie and his dog Frankie, who spent most of his life in a shelter

In the ninth month of pregnancy, a woman gave her sister a labrador retriever. It was sad, because a dog and a small child are a double difficulty. But the dog for the newborn girl became a true faithful friend and a helper to the mother. This year, the can will have extracted a tumor, and the small owner was very sad, but she supported her friend.

Frankie spent most of his life in a cage until it was finally adopted by caring people. Today she has a best friend called Charlie, with whom he has traveled this summer.

Babysitter hairy

The mother of five children, had no luck with the dogs rescued from a shelter, because they help you take care of the children.

For mom and her poodle royalty Riku

A dog named Jedi has saved the life of his owner for several years

The dog feels miraculously the small chemical changes in the organism of the child better than any other device. One night, Jedi saved the lives of Luke, waking up on time to their parents. The dog learned to give warning signs with the help of a stick of color. Jedi and Luke spend the whole time together.

The little girl Addison and his hen

Addison lives with his family on a small farm and has a friendship with the chickens.

A boy and a dog have the disease of vitiligo

Carter hated his appearance and refused to look at herself in the mirror until he met a labrador named Rowdy, who had the same disease. The mother of Carter appreciates the target of this encounter, because now the child stopped being shy and became a friend of Rowdy.

Tyler and his duckling Bicker, which haunts him

From the first day, the duckling does not move away of the baby Tyler. They are so inseparable and closer than even the first word that Tyler spoke was “duck”. The friends give back together, they play roll the slides and when Tyler cries, Biker parpa so strong and nervous.

On legs safe

Libby, and their cats

This adopted girl is called Libby. Is the friend of cats in a shelter. Now they all live in a big family and friendly.

Manicure for best friend

Edge and Pompom are friends who follow the fashion and a few true stars of Instagram. They live in Paris and are photographed for fashion magazines. What is not the plot for a Hollywood movie?

A real zoo at home

Jack and his calf

The best friends have the same hobby

The animals will remain best friends even after many years

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