17 Animals who refuse to behave well

Cats that sit like humans and kangaroos who know how to use an iPhone to demonstrate a fact: some of the animals they care about a cucumber our notions about how they should behave them. Will do as they please and they won’t care what you think about it.

Great.guru collected some photos of the violators of rules, furry and bigotones, whose insolence knows no bounds.

“My friend went to the bathroom and found the cat in this position”

Sleep where I want

It is only a kangaroo watching Netflix on an iPhone

“Yes, I’m comfortable. Yes, I’m sure of that”

What do you mean with “the cats don’t feel well”?

Among the turtles there are some real rebels

“Do not enter. The police is watching”.

What do you think of this, Elon Musk?

The prohibitions of the museums are not for cats

“Help us to preserve our history. Please, don’t sit on the furniture”.

“Since we don’t have mice, let me help you to put a focus”

“I tried to accustom my cat to use the toilet. I don’t think that you can achieve it.”

“This little so-called ‘Duraznito’ do you want to know who is responsible for this nasty note”

“The cats have already eaten. Don’t listen to them”.

When you make a serious mistake

“He is Robert. Do this each time you realize that the ride is over”

“I shut my cat in the bathroom because it was misbehaving. This is his response to the punishment”

“It’s called Umi, but I like to tell ‘Cangurumi’”

“I think my cat is in trouble, but he is drinking water underneath the cabinet of the tv (dunking his paw in the bowl)”

When the prank goes well

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