17 absurd Things for us, that’s considered completely normal in the past

Relatively, in the past there were a lot of interesting things with which we have never faced, and even we have not heard about them. Some of us may seem rare, other at all absurd, but for our grandparents they were quite common and common. When you view these photographs, we are left to ponder which of our habits cause laughter to our descendants.

Today, Great.guru realizó a collection of photographs which have captured the everyday things and situations that were quite common a few decades ago, but that we currently seem to be rare.

Beauty contest in Cliftonville, USA, 1936

Street machine of tan, USA, 1949

Advertising of massager to the chest, 1930

The popular method for ironing the hair in the decade of 1960

The women were painted stockings on their legs, London, 1941. Nylon was one of the first products of mass consumption in which economizó during the war

Curriculum vitae, US, 1931

The sentence: “I have 3 careers, I speak 3 languages, fought for 3 years in the war, I have 3 children and I have not worked for 3 months. I just need A job.”

Advertising of medication against the pain of teeth at base of cocaine, 1885

The model and English actress Julie Desmond is promoting the “Moskvich 427” in a car show, 1971

The church mobile in a T-Ford with the priest driver, USA, 1922. Within it was a mini-organ, and the bell tower and took off before entering the garage

Gloves specially numbered, used by the blind to learn the method of typing on the typewriter, USA, 1961

Skating on the surface of a pan giant before preparing an omelette 7,000 eggs. The pieces of lard were used as skates, USA, 1931

Fun after lunch in the village of Kirby, Great Britain, 1973. Before the era of online games and computers

The machine Euphonia which could imitate the human speech, 1860

Children and cigarettes in a advertising of the 60’s What could be better?

The phrase on the left side: “Mommy, before ragañarme, perhaps it is better that you smoke a Marlboro”

The phrase of the right-hand side: “Hey, mommy, definitely you’ll enjoy your Malboro!”

A baby in a chair for children, 1940

The selection of argentina football after the game against Bolivia, 1973. The argentine won thanks to that a part of the team is prepared separately for this game. This fraction of the group, and then all of the selection, received the name of “the team of the ghosts”. Here came this extraordinary photo.

The world, 105 years ago, before the advent of vaccines against diphtheria

The phrase on the left side: “In memory of 5 children of L. H. Larsen and his wife, Emilia, who died of diphtheria in 1903”.

What things from the past do you remember? Please share your answer in the comments!

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