17 Former couples that have declared war

Relationships are complicated. And it is not surprising that sometimes end in separation. Some are dealing with that period of life with relative ease, while others simply can not leave everything in the past; those are the people who call us and write to us for the night, they track our activity on the social networks to which special agents, and do not lose the opportunity of publicly launching a joke in our direction. Oh, the ex! It is about them that we have decided to tell you.

Great.guru has brought together 17 people who would come easily in the list of the nominees for the award “worst ex”. Take out the trophy.

1. “I’ve blocked my ex in all possible places, but she somehow managed to send me a message on the tv”

“Jessica: ’I’m sorry, ok? But I miss you, damn it…’”

2. “Already 3 years ago that I wake up exactly at 07:45 in the morning to remind my ex that I hate”

3. The crazy cats: the beginning

“I recently reviewed the wall of my ex. In the section of the state civil someone had figured as the husband, and I decided to see who was the ‘lucky’. It turned out that it was his cat. I created an account for your cat and what became your husband! But it is not everything, post messages on the page of the cat about how well he lives and how good is his owner and, in general, about the fact that she is the ideal woman. It seems that she is doing very well.” Dios666

4. “You know what? It would have been better for me to continue blocking”

5. “So this is how I always behave after a break in relations”

6. What revenge or honour?

“This awkward moment when after 7 years, your ex will write to tell you that you now have a puppy and that has put your name.” SilentSteps

7. When the wife is watching

8. But how could you do that?

9. “After last night I would call frightening, but lost 100 lbs! (Photo before and after)”

10. Apparently, the reason for their separation was his excessive love for fishing

11. “My ex and I are using the same range of colors today”

12. In the relations with the former, the main thing to remember is that there is no turning back

“Recently, I added my ex on Facebook. I thought, well, maybe he could try to start all over again. She accepted me and wrote to me that I owe $ 40. At once I were keen to return with her.” skmainzmn

13. Feminine intuition vs. peculiarities male

14. When the relationship with the ex is a game of chess, and you are the Grand Master International

15. “Happy Halloween to all, except for my ex!”

“Serious relationship”.

“The costume more terrible that happened to me”.

16. “When your ex sends you a letter of apology, and you review for errors, you put a rating and you can just send it back”

17. But do not forget that it is never too late to be friends. Especially for the sake of the dog

What about you what type of relationship you have with your ex? And how would you rate your actions after a breakup?

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