17 Foreign products on which they spent the money the women

Throughout his life, a woman may get to spend approximately 15 thousand dollars only in makeup, but really this is not the only thing in it that tend to invest their money. And some of these things look pretty… Well, defínelas yourself.

Us, Great.guru, we love women regardless of their form or their way of being, but we can not avoid to mention some things in which you spend your money that really seem to us quite strange, as the shopping of this list, for example.

17. Pillow to practice kissing

Give me a kiss.

Put your tongue in mine.

Play with me, heart.

The popularity of these pillows is impressive. We all know that people at some point in your life you may feel alone, but do you really reach that level of desperation?

16. RAD: The support for emergency

Two masks for protection against toxic substances.

Insert radiation sensor.

An object that can save your life! This product was invented by the Ukrainian scientific Elena Bodnar who, at the time, was the founder and president of the Institute of Management Research of Risk and Trauma in Chicago. This elegant bra is transformed into two gas masks with systems of belt independent. Having 20 years of experience in research in his field, Dr. Bondar should what he is talking about… you Should buy one, right?

15. Cuchini

Before / After

This thing is so simple and small eliminates that uncomfortable “wrinkle” or brand in any type of underwear or your pants. But really it would be more simple if you purchase clothing in your size for that not to happen that.

14. GoGirl Device (female urinary)

This tube allows women to pee standing up. We will not talk more about it, but we just have to mention that the original version was exhausted today on its web site. Have already sold more than 5 million of these. What about you, are you waiting for to buy one?

13. Adhesive Boob

This product that “defies gravity” is intended to keep the breasts of the women in their place regardless of the size. Its creators promise to make you always look strong, and ensure to their customers that “you will transform your neckline”.

12. “Condom,” heel, new style to your shoes

Yes, you read it right. Invented at first as a simple protective cover for the part of the heels, with the time it became a fashion trend and, basically, it allows you to choose a ton of different designs for each shoe.

11. BraZing (Cover strips bra)

For all those who are tired of seeing the typical strips of the bras, BraZing is the solution. The best way to explain what it is about this product is saying that they are bags that serve to cover the strips of the garment. Only us a question arises: what really are better than the originals?

10. Underwear to feet

Who said that you should only wear underwear in the intimate parts of the body? The truth is that we are convinced that this was invented by a person with a small… fetish for feet.

9. The towels Ta-Ta to breast

Did you know that there are even towels that are made for specific parts of the body? Yes, and here is the specially designed for the breasts. This product maybe it was created to solve the problem of sweat in that area.

8. Earrings in the shape of a beetle

Although a large part of society would think that this gem is pretty creepy, would not believe how popular it may become among a large number of people. Simply I advise you not to use them the day you go to meet the parents of your loved one.

7. Cover decorative for your phone in the form of a hand

For those lonely people there are in the world… Who would not like to talk on the phone while someone holds you hand? Probably, this was the reason for the creation of this novel invention.

6. Pillow Ryan Gosling

Speaking of pillows, extremely male, here is another product for people who lack of hugs in their lives.

5. Pillow “hug a friend”

The design is not only great, but also provides the containment that you’ll get a hug from a good friend. You should ask for one right now!

4. Coach smile

No matter how antifeminista sound the fact of telling a woman to smile more, apparently some are totally willing to buy this product themselves. Literally stretch the corners of your mouth to bridarte a “perfect smile”, whatever that means to them.

3. Bra store wine

If you have ever thought of bringing hidden a little wine to the movie theatre or the recital of your child, think no more. For this type of special cases are created this bra that can hold up a bottle of any drink. We hope that there are no leaks.

2. Auxiliary lipstick

The lips are perfect and thick are the dream of most women today, right? If you don’t have enough time to learn how to apply lipstick correctly, you can buy this mask auxiliary, although it looks pretty terrifying. Also you can serve for Halloween!

1. Pillow support for breasts, to sleep on the side

When sleeping on your side, gravity pulls your breasts shift to the side in which you support, which is quite uncomfortable. Many women understand this problem, so to avoid it you can buy this support to breasts and take care of them while you sleep.

Do something on this list you liked or made you laugh? Make sure to share it with us in the comments, and remember to take care of any type of unnecessary purchase!

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