17 Photos of hair cuts on pets will make you laugh a good time

The barber of dogs as a profession first appeared in England, and is now becoming more and more popular. Our pets are an integral part of our modern lives, but sometimes become not only our friends, but also the object of experimentation and jokes. Oh and the barbers definitely help the owners to re-realize their wildest ideas!

Great.guru found 17 examples of “style” of pets that could be called strange, to put it very lightly.

1. Human, who am I now?

2. When you go to the hairdresser, but your hair stylist is a newbie:

“I asked the hairdresser to afeitara a heart in the back of my dog…

What I expected vs. what he did”.

3. Really? What about a skirt?

4. Always in fashion

5. “They say that I see very well”

6. Do you really believed that the afro was the best option?

7. Does a chicken or a dog?

8. Hey girls, do you want to have some fun?

9. Does Elmo?

10. Creativity level: 99

I’m not sure what my dad did to the dog, but I feel like I should give him a sock, and release it.

11. Creativity level: God

12. “No, I’m not well. I just need a therapy session”

13. Everything is a little twisted

14. “Because I don’t even want to see”

15. Why only half?

16. “Owner, we have to talk seriously”

17. For the love of God, what would you have done?

Have you ever taken your pet to the groomer or stylist? Did you take something similar to the images above? Please share your photos in the comments below!

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