17 Photos that express all the pain of having to wrap gifts

The holidays kind Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or simply someone’s birthday, they are considered fun times, and happy. But wait, you are already prepared and wrapped all the gifts? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. These images will show you all the pain and fun of giving gifts.

Great.guru compiled 17 examples that demonstrate very well the saying that “what matters is the intention”.

1. Never you will guess what I have!

2. When a gift of Valentine’s Day came out absolutely wrong

3. Oh Nop! According to Bob Sponge, it is imagination


4. Hmm… could it be a coincidence or a call to act?

“Breasts now.”

5. When you run out of wrapping paper, just add a bit of humor

“Close enough”.

6. “Our son wants a sports bag for Christmas. We decided to give cash and ingredients to prepare chocolate chip cookies”.

7. Jojojo. The next year someone will take his revenge

8. Would you have given away those lottery tickets, Nicole

“Chris, for Christmas, I bought you lottery tickets of $ 25, scraped myself to you. You won 2 dollars! Here they are. Merry Christmas, Nicole”.

9. It seems like a perfect gift for lovers of fantasy and jazz

10. Talent is when you can make a gift of nothing

11.When all you know your parents of your tastes is that you like the color green and keep you warm

12. The best gift a brother can give!

“A coupon of 10 ’Bring me a beer’ for free”

13. When you give worth give small gifts, pretending that it is a ukulele

14. Girls, never ask for their husbands that they wrap their gifts

15. Oh, what tender. I hope this guy continue with life

“A rose is not a good symbol of love. The roses will wilt. Don’t give away a rose or even flowers. Our love is forever. So here you will a Nokia”.

16. Here is a reminder romantic if you’re in trouble

“Will you be my Valentine?
It was a rhetorical question. You don’t have a choice, we’re married. Happy Valentine’s Day”.

17. I was never good at wrapping gifts, bro

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