17 unexpected Findings that left baffled all users of the Internet (to the fork of The cannibals impressed us more than anything else)

It seems that in the Internet age, Google can find the answer to any question, but it is not always so. In such situations, people upload their findings extraneous to the network under the hashtag #whatisthething (what is this thing) with the hope that someone can help identify them. The search for answers becomes a true detective work, because each thing has its own mysterious history behind it.

In Great.guru we noticed that our readers are very educated and developed, so we present to you the chance to guess what it is or what is the object of each photo before reading the correct answer. At the end, write whether you managed to solve the mystery of at least one image.

1. “What I found in the room of my client. Looks like a bomb”

Other users have recognized in this pump a projectile anti-tank soviet “Baby”. The author of the photo stated that he informed the police about the finding. A few hours later, the object was moved to a military base for destruction.

2. “What animal or thing it is?”

To understand what kind of figure is, the users wrote to the creator of it, the main designer Robert Crock, and he responded that it was a hybrid between a dragon and a monkey.

3. “We were fixing things in the garage of my father and found 3 cans with a few bars of colors strange, inside of which there were springs”

This is a refill for a lava lamp. The spring lies at the bottom heats up and causes the paraffin to float on the water.

4. “We found a lot of these bottles when we were digging the turf in Ireland. What are they?”

Are bottles of special oil to accumulators. Thomas Edison invented a battery of iron and nickel that is often used for the automatic regulators on the railways. Poured oil on the electrolyte, forming a protective film, and the workers just threw the bottles that they don’t need more.

5. “If I press the buttons — eyes, small mouth lights up. That is all what this thing can do”

6. “It seems like the truck takes a UFO”

7. “This thing was on a shelf of my grandmother, among the things that he collected while traveling through the world”

8. “A structure that is incomprehensible found during a walk”

It is a mechanism to control avalanches, and to reduce the risk of the same.

9. “I don’t know what is this small object of marble that is on the table in the house of my parents”

It is a paperweight, a heavy object made of bronze, marble, glass, etc, with which it is pressed paper that are on the table so that they will not deflect and is not desparramen.

10. “I saw this cloud while I was going to my work at 5 in the morning. All the sky was clear, only this was up there”

No, this is not a sign of the aliens as in the movie “The arrival” (although someone thought it was), but a trace of the rocket launch american Antares to the International Space Station, which took place on the 21st of may.

11. “It was found near a wreck”

It is a Spanish currency of the EIGHTEENTH century, whose pattern was annihilated by the water and barely distinguishable.

12. “An artifact found in the ocean near Vancouver”

13. “What building is this?”

14. “These points in the tin are similar to the braille system. But what do they say?”

This is a japanese version of the braille, it says “osake”, which translates as “alcohol”.

15. “This gave to my grandmother. I have No idea what it is”

16. “If you join the two lower parts of this thing, it starts to squeak. And if you connect the top, makes it twice as fast. What is it?”

Indicator of fluid level for people with vision problems. If the liquid is poured over the pins, the device will begin to sound.

17. “What the hell do I got?”

This is a sea lily (Crinoidea). A relative of the sea stars and urchins. For example, in Russia you can find up to 5 different types of this issue.

Well, what you guessed what it was some object? Do you have your own findings strange that provoke more and more questions? Leave your photos in the comments section, we will discover together!

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