17 design Ideas crazy and cool at the same time

You could decorate your own home, or, on the contrary, asking a designer to create something special for you. The imagination and the fantasy can fly without limits when you do that, there are numerous designs that can come to seem very strange but, at the same time, to be cool and even fairly practical. In this article you will find creative ideas that can turn any space into a unique atmosphere.

In Great.guru we have found 17 images that show how some design ideas can be crazy and cool at the same time.

1. Sofa made with eggs. Enjoy your seat!

2. A piece of furniture quite appetizing

3. A little terror can make things flow more naturally

4. An awkward solution but it’s smart to keep a warm atmosphere in house

5. It connects!

6. Business meetings can be fun

7. Can you get one for you?

8. Bubble bath

9. “I feel a little dizzy…”

10. The best position for sleeping

11. That carpet is too strange

12. ¡We call this to be too bright!

13. “I want that bed for me!”

14. An idea very well thought out to prevent people running down the hallway

15. How much time it took to paint this?

16. ¡Buen provecho!

17. Somewhere in wonderland…

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