17 Ideas for a field day that will help you to avoid several problems

In accordance with the opinion of scientists, the rest in the nature helps to combat depression. But at the same picnic there are a lot of reasons for the stress. The insects in the food and drinks, the dishes that fly with the wind, the fluid for lighters and other small things that are able to ruin easily the mood. That’s why, taking in account these tricks of camp that will make your rest pleasant and simple.

Great.guru brought together effective techniques that can brighten up significantly of your time away from the benefits of civilization. The tips are so simple that any person can take advantage of them.

1. Use a pencil sharpener to the branches

A pencil sharpener common does not occupy much space, but is substantially capable of speeding up the process of ignition of the fire. Enough to sharpen a small dry branch to get wood shavings thin for the fire.

2. Prepare in advance, “wood” dry to the campfire

You can make “firewood” easy-to-use to use at the campfire with tubes of toilet paper, filling them with newspaper or felt. You’ll also be served a carton of eggs: instead of eggs, will be placed felt, wood shavings or dried tree bark, and is filled with paraffin wax melted. When everything is cool, you can cut the egg-crate in segments.

Or previously, in the space where is placed the eggs, put pieces of string for which, after having cooled down, will make it easier to extract this mixture will serve to ignite the campfire. The advantage of such a mixture is that it is water resistant.

3. Carry aluminum more

There are many recipes of tasty dishes of camp prepared in aluminum. In addition, you can separate immediately into portions, or “packets” of individual. The covered in such dishes can be not using the grill, grates, and various tools to prepare the food will stay clean.

4. Used a bottle of ketchup for liquid preparations

In the clean bottles of ketchup can pour a mass ready for pancake or a mixture to omelet. It is convenient to squeeze the contents of such containers in quantities necessary immediately in the pan.

5. Protects the food with a shower cap

To protect the contents of the plates of the insects and the trash, put on it a cap for a shower clean. Open and close such a “cap” is more comfortable than, for example, removing a plastic to wrap food.

6. Refreshments are served in cupcake pan

For not using many bowls for various sauces and fillings, can be placed all in a cupcake pan. Comfortable service, a minimum of waste and saving of forces and time to wash the dishes.

7. Used containers compact for spices

The container of Tic Tacs can serve how a container comfortable and compact to store spices. For this same purpose, you can use boxes with various compartments.

8. Protects the beverage from insects

A plastic food spread on the glass will prevent that fall within insects. The liquid can take through a straw.

9. Use the lid of the desserts for the protection of the utensils

For the disposable utensils do not fly with the wind and they don’t fall dust or dirt, you can use the frame of the lid to serve the desserts.

10. Placed a comfortable frame with a belt

A convenient carry handle for the utensils and other tools can be done if you wrap yourself up around a tree with a belt and look at him hooks of metal small.

11. Used a bag to wash dirty clothes to dry the dishes

It is more convenient to dry the dishes wet by placing them in a mesh bag to clean, wash the clothes and hang it on a hook. The excess water will drain out, and the dishes need not be dried.

12. Prepares the floor for camping with a mat, mat for children

Carpet the floor of the tent with a carpet for children. They are soft, compact and convenient for transportation, at the same time, the place to sleep becomes more smooth and warm with these.

13. To have on hand adhesive tape

To the strips or tape are always on hand, you can wrap a few layers around the bottles or lighters.

14. Make strips of the soap

When you use a bar of soap, you need a soap dish to let it dry. But in nature this is not very comfortable, especially because the soap wet stick insects and basuritas. Rebánalo with the help of a potato peeler into strips and place in a container with a lid. Every time, when you wash your hands you can use one of these strips as a whole.

15. Separates the trash

To classify the waste, you can use a bucket or a container and a few bags, place them inside of him and sujétalas each other with pliers or clamps. It is convenient to throw cardboard and paper, which can be used to start the fire.

16. Protects toilet paper from moisture with the help of a protective disk

To keep safe the role of a bathroom of humidity can be placed within a protective compact discs.

17. Build a toilet to hand

An old bucket of paint, a plastic bag and a lining braided soft sanitary pipes becomes in a toilet of the camp. The handle of the bucket can be used to maintain the toilet paper.


“Someone is clearly a genius.”

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