17 ordinary People who could replace some famous and go unnoticed

They say that every person in the world has at least 7 double lurking out there. But being a double of someone famous you also become a celebrity thanks to the social networks. People invest a lot of time and money on fashion and other details to look like their actors, and favorite singers. On the other hand, there are those who simply seem never to have to work at it.

In Great.guru we’ve created a list of some of the average people who easily replace the professionals and no one would notice. Do you want to know what double found Jonah Hill? Stay with us until the end of the article to find out.

1. A rare picture of Albert Einstein driving a taxi in New York city

2. Professor Snape before he accepted the job as a professor at Hogwarts

3. “My bus driver looks almost like a copy of Walter White of Breaking Bad”.

4. It looks exactly like Carl Fredricksen from Up!

5. It seems that the days of Linguini cooking in movies are over

6. “It seems that is still pretty sad by the failure of his theme park”.

7. Is going to kill Bill

8. “My teacher looks like Khal Drogo”

9. A cosplay of X-Men is not planned

10. “The change of face between mom and dad looks like Dave Grohl”.

11. Another cosplay is not planned, this time from Ronald McDonald.

12. “My dad has no idea that today seems to be slightly to Waldo”.

13. Where are your minions?

14. Who is who?

15. A rare picture of Jonah Hill that ran into Dru

16. Could it be that it was a vivid animation?

17. Tyrion Lannister of India

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