17 People that had a few small hallucinations

The ability to see in the everyday, something beautiful is a quality that is useful, but it is much more great to know notice something common something absurd. For that you only need to have a great imagination, and not everyone is gifted with it.

Great.guru compiled the 17 people who managed to notice what is around something that we often overlook.

1. “Sometimes I see the photo of the Earth from space and simply I am amazed with how beautiful it looks”

2. “I may be wrong, but this shrub is much like Jabba the Hutt”

3. “I was a little drunk and I could not rid myself of the thought that it was the fish of ‘Spongebob’”

4. “Initially I just wanted to take a picture of the sisters walking…”

5. This port needs defragmentation

6. This carrot looks as if his great desire out to be an astronaut

7. “Dear, can you move a little to out there?”

8. “Do you still complaints of the pizza with pineapple? To me a pizza with an alien”

9. Seem pieces of bacon

10. “My eraser now it looks like a painting with a flock of birds flying over a few trees”

11. When in the house opposite of truth is home to some monsters

12. “I don’t want to panic, but it seems that you are approaching a tornado”

13. “My mom thinks that last night was met with Rihanna. He says he was singing karaoke in the local bar”

14. “You killed Kenny! And now it turned into a button”

15. “I asked for a beer and I saw in her a dog smiling”

16. What added mushrooms to the cold coffee?

17. “Do you think I should take my dog to the vet?”

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