17 Rules of etiquette on the current underwear that only the real ladies know

The underwear, not only you can hide successfully the defects of the figure, but is also able to ruin all of your physical appearance if you select the wrong way according to the size or the model. In addition to this, to create a look not vulgar and beautiful when you choose the underwear, it is worth taking into account the ethical standards current.

Great.guru compiled the 17 rules of etiquette that, by following them, you will feel more confident in choosing panties, bras and stockings.

The rule of the blouses semi-transparent

Under the blouse of a thin fabric it is worth to choose a bra of the same color. If, previously, the underwear that looked remarkably was the fashion, it is often found in combination of blouses and white bras black, but that now is in bad taste.

  • Under a white garment it is best to put underwear according to the color of your skin.
  • The bra chosen must be of a neutral tone.
  • If the clothing is very transparent, it is worthwhile to replace the bra for a bralette or a tight tank top the color of the blouse.
  • You should avoid the underwear color white regardless of the color of the blouse, as you will notice much.

The rule of the bras

The rules recommended by all the stylists when putting the bra have a single concept, this should not be perceived. In the first place, we need to pay attention to the texture of the fabrics with which they are made for bra and clothing.

  • Between thicker and free is the clothing, the bra may have a texture very different, are acceptable to the ruched, lace, and the push-up extensive.
  • If you prefer tight-fitting garments, it is worthwhile to choose an ultra-smooth, rings out with a good bra.

Rule of the pantyhose

The pantyhose are able to become a perfect complement to any look, however, do not know how to choose the color and texture of the garment can lead to a failure flagrant. Especially, you must pay attention to the formality and the shoes.

  • In the office there are that follow the rule of one tone: light apparel, choose pantyhose flesh colored, and with the dark, black or brown. At the same time, the average does not have to be darker than the pantyhose, the perfect variant is to choose the same tone or a little lighter.
  • The grille and ornament are the perfect choice for the holidays, and are not suitable for everyday use.
  • It is better to choose pantyhose, with an average density for the shoes, and low boots: pantyhose dense.

Rule of averages

The tights are a magic wand for women who work in the office and are required to follow a dress code. To avoid an uncomfortable situation, will help you the rules of the harmonious combination of this garment with the look main.

  • The white tights are good for costumes of a nurse, or as a underwear of the bride. In other cases, it is worth to give preference to neutral shades.
  • The drawing on the stockings as well as pantyhose, it looks better on the girls with the legs slender, because that makes it look visually thicker. For the upholders of legs stout, it is better to use socks of a single tone.
  • The perfect length of the socks is determined easily, since the edge must be a palm higher than the level of the skirt or shorts.

Rule of the panties

It would seem that the choice of panties is not bound to the rules of combination of the elements of the clothing. However, let’s remember a little detail that is capable of ruining everything good in your look, it is the brands underwear. Is the problem less popular, but what bothers me is the outline of the panties that are see through the fabric of the pants or the skirts.

  • It is worth to choose the clothing based on the outside view of the buttocks. For example, this rule works perfectly: between firmer the buttocks, more panties open you will be able to allow you to use.
  • The fabric of the underwear is directly dependent on the material of the upper clothing, if you put on garments of fabric which is very thin, almost slight, then you have to choose breeches approximately the same density.
  • To avoid the hated springs that literally “blows” in your body, it is enough to follow two simple concepts: 1) choose underwear with the level on the problematic areas and 2) give preference to the boyshorts seamless in place of panties and short bikini.

Rule of the tops of lace: bralette

The bralette is a small lace top, without hoops, frequently embellished by decorative elements. This garment can be used as a stand-alone item or as lingerie.

  • The bralette is suitable for girls with a small chest, because it does not support the breast properly and, when you have a great neckline, opens a little more of what it should show.
  • As a standalone variant, it is better to put the lace top in combination with a skirt or pants having a high waist.
  • The perfect variant for use it is under a blouse that is too open to use with a bra easy. The bralette can stick out of the front, rear, and the cutting curve on the part of the armpit. The only restriction here is in the texture of the bodice, as this should not be lace.

What rules you follow when choosing your underwear?

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