17 Taxi drivers amazing that they got tired of the routine and decided to work a really great way to

A taxi ride is something normal for the citizens. But sometimes it turns into something out of the ordinary: the driver concerned to show their passengers a little bit of your creativity.

Great.guru found the taxi drivers who will be remembered by each one of its passengers.

1. Perhaps this is the best taxi driver in the world.

2. Guide for newbies: how to get a 5 star rating.

3.Video game console in the back of the seat so that the user does not get bored during the journey.

4. The taxi driver allowed his grandchildren to decorate their cars for Halloween. It seems that the passengers were happy.

5. Inspector of electronic devices behind the wheel.

6. “I ordered an Uber in Manhattan and came as well”

7. If you don’t have with who to talk to, he will keep a conversation without problems.

8. A taxi driver and entrepreneur.

9. When you are a student and taxi driver at the same time.

10. In las Vegas everything is possible

11. For lovers of retro fashion: a granny driver.

12. Taxi christmas.

13. “I have come. Could you not bring me a little water to my dog?”, I asked the taxi driver by phone.

14. Nothing extraordinary, only a microwave oven instead of a cooler.

15. When you have wanted to help the customer but you have failed. The intention is what counts.

16. Exact copy of the car in the movie “Taxi Express” transports passengers in a French city.

17. The actor of the previous film (Samy Naceri) with his imitator abroad.


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