17 Tricks of people without money but with minds clever

The words “trick” and “do it yourself” are gaining a lot of popularity these days. Saving money has become a big trend and, as it happens with most of the trends sometimes get out of control. You may be wondering, “why?”. “We have reasons”, answered by the guys below.

We in Great.guru, we have brought together the 17 tricks more ingenious, for which you will not need to spend a lot of money.

1. When you’re determined not to buy a new pair:

You should win a prize for your creativity with the pens.

2. How to kill two birds with one stone?

While you take your tea, at the same time you use the hot pan to iron your shirt. Mode energy savings!

3. What a trick the more playful!

So what the game consists in mixing the pasta without dropping any?

4. When being broke teaches you how to repair all the things that are broken:

It is not time wasted!

5. This guy took it as a challenge to cook and eat with the same silverware!

And will also be saved to wash some utensils.

6. All it ever did this in college.

Can you imagine why the noodles taste better when prepared this way?

7. Would you dare to put the change?

Your anti-theft system is custom, of course!, according to your budget.

8. Call it a trick of the Engineers

Don’t try this at home if you do not want to end up with all your broken furniture.

9. When the microwave is out of service, or… well… out of your budget:

These people will soon have to start taking some kinds of tricks:

10. This lamp, yes, that lift the spirit… alcoholic.

And in fact, it looks very good.

11. What better use for a pizza box?

Especially during these cleanings emergency.

12. Be in bankruptcy with safety makes you more intelligent.

What other option do you have?

13. When your hands can not hold chopsticks and pens at the same time:

Are you planning to create a new record to write with these chopsticks?

14. The inventions are given when you’re completely in bankruptcy

And also when you need to shave!

15. Who is more ruined? Do you or the couch?

By the way, who is going to have the opportunity to sit here?

16. For an experienced “leak-proof”.

Do you not have a cup holder? There is No problem.

We wonder if we can also use the other pair.

17. This, in and of itself, should be a great experience.

You can give the feel of the mineral water of the mountains directly in your head.

Life is already difficult enough, why complicate to worry about the small things of your daily routine? Do you have more tricks just as clever to share with everyone? We will be happy to hear from you in the comments.

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