18 Students who showed a lot of creativity making their notes hidden

If the Oscars do not just be turned over to the actors and creators of movies, but also to the students for their ingenuity in the creation of notes hidden, we’d all be nominated even once for these awards.

Great.guru brought together 18 pictures that prove that the notes hidden give much room to the imagination.

18. Manicure intelligent.

17. When you make the most of your situation.

16. Who could know that until the bandages can be so helpful?

15. To quench the thirst of knowledge.

14. One more reason to love tennis.

13. Level of dissimulation: genius.

12. The important thing is not to soil the sole.

11. Very fine work.

10. More than an ace in the sleeve.

9. That someone dares to take it off!

8. Don’t despise your shoes.

7. When a drink is harmful turns out to be useful.

6. If it is not a super power, what is it?

5. Sometimes being cheeky can be good.

4. Students from India have the option to “help the public”.

3. Knowing how to speak languages is a great advantage.

2. Why girls find it easier to hide your notes.

1. It only remains to wait that the teacher did not move around the room.

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