18 Items total strangers found in sales garage

The flea markets are amazing for finding rare items and cute knick-knacks, but, above all, you can count on them when you’re looking for something really unnecessary.

In Great.guru I am not afraid of the findings of the weird, but, to be honest, some of these objects they have left us a little scared. What do you think?

Mannequins great

“My friend usually publishes his ’art’ for sale. Always includes creepy dolls”

A head of deer “recycled”

Just buy a demon and get another free!

This ball of snow “On the hill” has pieces of hair swirling, in place of flakes of snow

On the hill & it Losing it!

“Guess what I found at a consignment store…”

A creation home with teeth and old clothes… the kids don’t like

“Today I bought this at a local garage; I finally have a place to store all my dead flies”

Dead flies

Found in an antique shop in the market of fleas

A statue of the dog flexible

Ashtray playful

Chair target

Good summer reading

Firstfruits on the vomiting of the animals

From ants zombies to bats, vampires,

251 interesting facts about the vomiting,

regurgitation and others.

“A true and luminous skeleton of a squirrel inside of a lantern, just what I’ve been looking for!”

The skeleton of a squirrel in a lantern

85 USD

A snow ball’s horrifying

Goodbye, Kitty

“This ’tree full of bras’ at a garage sale near the house of my parents”

A “thing” decorative for the feet

“I felt that my soul was away from my body after seeing this photo”

What element of this list surprise you most? Make sure to share your opinion in the comments, even if it is really unexpected, as this list!

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