18 Buyers that made you cry of laughter to the sellers (after letting them astounded)

The employees of the supermarkets often come to the forums and thematic groups in which they share cases fun related to the customers. It turns out that the visit shopping elves of the forest, the Cherokee indians and the athletes brutal melt as if it were an ice cream to see mousepads with kittens.

Great.guru has compiled for you the stories of the users of various Internet communities and in each of them it is possible to paste the label of “life is more fun than you could imagine.”

  • My favourite client was a young man who came in and said: “I Lost the control remote, so I need a new tv”. I offered a lot of controls universal, but he just didn’t want to bother to set it up. No problem! I sold a 50-inch tv.
  • Work dependent on the department of wooden toys. It is about a parent with your little one in a stroller. The child does not look at the toys, looks at me, intently, without blinking. The man no longer holds back and just saying: “Forgive me, Mario, but I can’t buy this woman.” Sighs sadly and goes.
  • A man returned a handle to the store, saying that it did not need it. And the fruit had already been cut into three pieces and stuck back with tape. I even made a photo of the same.
  • In my work experience, there were cases where people returned a watermelon in slices, a steak with grill marks, an empty box of cake and cans of paints for nothing full.
  • The man tries to explain with gestures that you need to tighten the drain hose of the washing machine.

    — Do you need a yoke?

    — That! was! My wife said that it was a yoke.

    — With a lump or a screwdriver?

    — Yes, my wife said that it was for the screwdriver.

  • It was a February cold in northern Illinois. I was on duty in a 24-hour supermarket, and about 2:30 in the morning, came two men dressed in the Walrus and the Carpenter from Alice in wonderland. Followed across the store to make sure that they were not going to make any nonsense. And they simply came to make a purchase. The Carpenter bought sunscreen and the Walrus, a bag of salmon by the department of seafood. Paid in cash and left.
  • This young man often comes to buy the books and discs. One day he decided to go to confession that her ancestors were Cherokee indians. I thought: “Yes, of course, friend.” And he continued to explain that, by the line of his mother, was an elf of the forest. And that the elves of the forest had a close relationship with the Cherokee indians. I even showed remarkable as were his ears. I had no argument to add as a response to the question, so I had to smile and nod.
  • A woman built a pyramid of 40 cans of cat food in the aisle of a supermarket. Then, it took her a few and went to the box as if nothing had happened.
  • Working in a shop of a chain. One day, there came a customer that bothered me a lot and then decided to fill out the form to aspire to work with us. Of course, I threw your letter. And this woman went into another shop of our network, where she was sent to the selection process-general, and put it in our establishment. Damn target. Well, nothing, we’re friends.
  • Job of a cashier in a supermarket. When I start to bore me during my turn, start a game with myself: what are you going to eat today and the client? I compare the products that step out the box and I imagine what dish can you cook thanks to them. If I see that the client is in a good mood, I can even discuss it in a loud voice, something like “Mmmm, what about potato salad?” or “what chili?”. If my assumption is confirmed by the client… Bingo!
  • A mesh of light armor made with rings of the cans. It will be mithril…
  • Working in a shop, but I feel like I’m in a circus. A lady of about 30 years complains that the meat is tasteless. It turned out that before cooking, put to soak for 6 hours in a weak solution of bleach. Another client bought liver and brought it back: “I Changed my opinion, I don’t need both, I cut a small piece and everything else I want to return it”. In order to, you know, the customer always has the reason.
  • I put my shoes on sale. There was a buyer. I was glad, frotándome hands. And suddenly, I wrote that I was not going to buy them, but I would pay for him to stop sniffing. Here’s a niche for a new business!
  • “Can I relocate the shoes?” Well, okay, you can… This man came back about five times to reseat the shoes! Many people rare in this world, but we have already accustomed to.
  • A woman, for about 10 minutes, was choosing the soap cheaper: I could not choose between one of 18 cents and the other of 17.
  • When the goods arrive, the charger with the machine the leads to site and the men loaded up the room. One day, we unload the doors and one of the customers decided to steal one. His plan was simple: grab the last door and run as far as possible. He waited for her to stay that, he took it and began to run down the stairs. But did not take into account that at that time the driver of the machine began to climb up and stumbled with him. The thief unfortunate fell on the ladder, was injured and broke his leg. Bunting, painting… But what’s going! The thief insisted that the store was at fault for having a staircase too steep. Our heads still laughing.
  • Here is our buyer of the month. A serious (but very sweet) called Murzik, with an impressive under “mia-a-au”. Your mom is a siberian and his dad is a mancoon.
  • Work in the department of accessories for the bathroom. Today, has been a man, hard, strong, looked like an athlete. He asked for help to choose the accessories for showers of a fight club. Therefore, we choose everything, only missing the floor mats for the bathroom… the corner of my eye I noticed he was looking at a huge mousepad with kittens… joke, I offered.

— Woman, what is going on, I do not understand the customers.

Reminder note: it was a man, a minimum of 210 cm high. Bearded. When passing other 20 minutes, it goes very sad, without the mat.

After I laugh a lot, I went to another corridor with other customers. Suddenly, I noticed by the corner of my eye that someone was approaching stealthily, hiding, obviously, of me. I turned the corner and I saw this mountain of muscles with a happy smile and a bunch of mousepads with kittens running towards the boxes. For a long time I could not explain to my superiors why he was crying of laughter.

And you, what you’ve run into some time with customers, strangers?

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