18 Buyers took the risk to order blindly and suffered a real scam

Surely everyone, at least once, have bought something online. And each one of these purchases blindly it becomes a lottery: “I sent exactly what they promised me, instead of shoes made of rock, or a teddy bear with a jaw scary?”. However, the dramatic differences between the expectation and the product itself, many times there are also in real life. If we don’t believe, just look at that promise of a panoramic view from the window to a church that, in fact, a wall.

Great.guru has found photos of purchases failed, which caused them a lot of questions to their new owners.

“I tried to organize a surprise for my mom on Mother’s Day. I wrote some special instructions, and the printed on the box!”

“I’m planning a surprise event for my mother, and we live together. So, please, pack the box in such a way that it does not note that it comes to decorating for holidays.”

The agency offered me a department with a “private balcony”. Here it is, with a view of the wall of the neighboring house

When art with flowers clearly yours is not

“My sister bought online a few shoes for your Halloween costume, and this is what came in the package”

Do Winnie the Pooh or Pennywise the clown? Hard to know

“Of course I do not expect anything special of this ice cream, but this is too much”

The announcement promised “a view of the church from the bedroom window”. Technically, she was telling the truth

And this Winnie might have acted in the movie “Jaws”

The food at the airport are not just disappointed by the prices

When realism is out of range

After all, they had sprinkled the bar. Only very gently

“Yes, that is clearly what I had asked for this”

When they promise a pool table in the department, but do not specify its size

Why do you want all those extra letters? A “L” is more than enough

This is not what you can read, or a sober person

“Go home, you’re drunk”.

And how promising it looked in the packaging!

“Hamburger pork shredded. Excellent flavor. Meat slow cooking”.

“I hope that the pair of binoculars to admire the sea view are included in the price”

“100 m above the sea level. The view of the ocean and the proximity of the mountains takes the breath away”.

“The sea”.

“Are you sure that you’re a hairdresser?”

Have you ever received in your order something different from what you expected?

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