18 classic Things that needed to be improved

It seems that everything in the world has already been invented and that nothing new can be thought. But the designers still know how to surprise us, doing things that are familiar to us become more comfortable and great. Thanks to these updates so creative, our life becomes easier and more enjoyable. For example, you no longer have to cover the camera of your laptop with adhesive tape, and if your phone runs out of battery while you’re on the street, a simple bank may be the solution to that problem.

Great.guru met images 18 classic things that the designers have improved and became true masterpieces.

1. Package with which you can simultaneously add mustard and muddled to a hot dog

2. This toilet japanese has a sink on the tank to reuse the water after washing the hands

3. An amazing device to wash dishes quickly

4. Elevator that clearly shows the load capacity

5. The roller is more comfortable to paint pipes

6. Children’s waterslides instead of stairs stressful

7. Faucet transparent which creates a whirlwind of water

8. This watch has a second screen on the side to see the time without having to get out of bed

9. No need to cover the camera of your laptop with tape so that no one will eavesdrop. Now you can close it with a simple button!

10. The lines of separation in this car park continue up the fence to make it easier to park

11. Volume Control for the sound of the microwave

12. This support for soap allows the water that accumulates in it to fall immediately to the sink

13. A printer of the university tour all the documents so that students do not confuse their impressions

14. This sink combines a soap dispenser, a faucet and a hand dryer

15. Bank of high-tech with wifi, outlets, and solar battery

16. In large supermarkets of Israel, there are carts that you can charge your smart phone

17. Bookmark comfortable for the pages

18. This train has an information screen that shows what cars are more empty than others

“Indicator of the amount of load the train.”

Have you personally seen any innovation from our list? Do you know what other vintage that have undergone modifications great? It tell us!

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