18 Data on animals that were found to be all false

Despite the many knowledge about the animal world, many continue to believe data that is passed from generation to generation from hundreds of years ago. For example, the popular belief that ostriches hide their head in the sand comes from the works of the roman thinker Pliny the Elder, who said in his writings: “They imagine that when they have hidden their head and neck into a bush, his entire body is concealed”. But I was wrong.

Yes, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate fact from fiction, especially when it comes to animals.

Great.guru decided to dispel 18 ideas that you have on them that it is time to stop believing.


The vast majority of the birds almost do not distinguish odors and simply do not perceive the “fragrance” of human on their chicks.


MYTH. A bee, after biting a person, it dies.

TRUTH. That only happens to the honey bees.

Honey bees have a stinger, stabbing with nicks, which causes it to get stuck in the skin of a person, and the insect, making, in vain, several attempts to get free after the bite, it starts up a part of his belly and finally dies. But there are thousands of other types of bees have a stinger smooth, so you can chop hundreds of times, and to live happy as if nothing.


In the desert, the fat is much more useful than the water, because it provides camels with the energy needed for movement, and your metabolism.


MYTH. The goldfish has a short memory.

TRUTH. The golden fish can remember events that have occurred, as a minimum, 3 months ago.

Already in 2003, scientists proved that goldfish can remember of the events that passed, at least, three months ago. What is remembered most are the shapes, sounds and colors.


The ostrich duck the head when they swallow small stones that improve your digestive process. In addition, after a long chase, it will not remain forces to maintain the upright neck, and that is why they fall to the ground. And from afar can give you that feeling that is buried in the sand.


MYTH. The sharks are able to perceive a drop of blood to a distance of several kilometers.

TRUTH. What’s more, sharks can sense a drop of blood in a swimming pool, not very big.

It is shown that sharks can sense a drop of blood in a swimming pool, but, even with a sense of smell so fantastic, they can not ask for more.


Dolphins sometimes kill their young and attack the pigs of the sea. In addition, before killing its victims, can enter into sexual contact with them.


MYTH. Playing a flute that can hypnotize a snake.

TRUTH. The snakes react to the movements of the fakir, and not to the music.

The snakes are almost deaf, they simply react to certain movements of the fakir, but not to the music itself.


This is possible only in cartoons. It is as if the human being to drink water through the nose.


MYTH. The female mantis eats the male after mating.

TRUTH. This behavior is not typical of the mantis.

This happens in cases very, very, very, very strange. Usually, this behavior is not considered for anything normal in the females of mantis.


The owls are not as wise nor witty. Experimentally, it has been discovered that crows, pigeons and parrots are much more intelligent, and easier to train.


MYTH. Crocodiles are not know to move quickly on the ground.

TRUTH. Crocodiles can run at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour.

On land, crocodiles can move at speeds of up to 15 kilometers per hour, so that we can compare with the speed of a cat running.


Thanks to the rabbit Bugs Bunny, this myth became quite popular. Of course, rabbits eat carrots, but prefer a thousand times more grass and green leafy vegetables.


MYTH. Cats always fall in resting on four legs.

TRUTH. Cats do not always “land” on its feet.

The cat may not give you time to turn, if it falls, for example, at a low height. In addition, the kittens do not have this inherent ability so that, when you reach old age, many lose it completely.


The scientists put the mice in the spaces where they were elephants, they would be placed on your fallopian tubes, and even between their food. The elephants always reacted with complete calm.


MYTH. The cheetah is the fastest animal in the world.

TRUTH. The peregrine falcon is the fastest.

This statement about the cheetahs is certain, if the speed is measured on the earth’s surface. But if we consider all the animals of our planet, the faster is a bird of prey, the peregrine falcon, as it flies into a tailspin chasing its prey, it accelerates to reach 390 kilometers per hour.


These beings are so cute, they have a metabolism a lot slower than other animals of its size. Therefore, it is not surprising that sloths move so slowly.


MYTH. Humans evolved from chimpanzees.

TRUTH. Chimpanzees and humans had a common ancestor.

Scientists discovered that makes 6-8 million years ago, humans and chimpanzees shared an ancestor in common, of which it was the subsequent evolution of humans and chimpanzees are so genetically similar.

Illustrator Leonid Khan for Great.guru

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