18 Photos with a unique meaning and poignant

.Often, we are so immersed in ourselves that we cease to notice the incredible things that happen around us. And if for a second “sales” of your own thoughts and you look around, you can see many interesting things. For example, you may find a portrait in the library next to where you sat a hundred times and didn’t know that the person in the picture was your relative, or find a rubber duck that reminds you of the person is more lovable.

Great.guru collected 18 photos that you will reach the heart.

1. I asked the visitor of our restaurant what he wrote. It turned out that he has 3 daughters and each day add 5 lines for each one of them. The girls will receive this gift when they get married

2. Dog in an animal shelter it sticks strongly to the fence to be petted

3. My son uttered his first word, and I called mom to 3.5 years

4. Last year, I often sat at the side of this portrait in the library. Recently, I began to study the family tree of my family, and this person turned out to be my relative

5. The girl has much fear of flying. Asked the man that was sitting next to her if I could take his hand. The man replied: … of Course, everything will go well!

6. This box contains the new heart of our friend

7. Last year my dear rabbit died, and today it grew a flower, precisely in the place where I buried him, I did not planted flowers. Thank you, friend!

8. Thanks to this toy, our dog tells us when it needs to come out because it is deaf from birth, but despite this, we have learned to understand each other

9. This is our neighbor, his name is Dick Paul. We moved to a new area and I was going to mow the lawn, but Dick did it for me. He said that was his welcoming gift to all new neighbors

10. My father hid the ducklings all over the house, said to bring luck to whoever finds it. Four years have passed since his death, and we thought we had found all the chicks, but today I found another in the cup holder in the back seat of your car. “Oh, dad, you’re a joker cool!!!”

11. A young man noticed a child barefoot in the tram and gave him his shoes

12. This elderly couple has 26 years pleasing people with their free coffee

13. Unfortunately, my parents died before the day of my graduation, but I wanted you to be near me that day, so I put the words of his postcards on my gown with his lyrics

“I will always be with you. I love you, mom.” “My love will remain with you forever. Dad”.

14. A children’s pool and a lot of corn — is what brought someone to a goose so that you can stay in your nest

15. A young man in the service delivery of pizza, stopped to observe a minute of silence for all who died during the Second World War

16. 35 years ago, one of the employees of this factory, when he retired, hung up his lunchbox on the roof. Since then, all retiring, do the same thing

17. This suricato was seized from people involved in the illegal trade of animals, is now in the reserve and loves hugs

18. The firefighter calmly at the dog rescued from a fire

Surely you’ve also been witness to stories incredibly touching. Tell us about them, because kindness is never too much.

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