18 Photos that will thrill even the most hardened hearts

There is nothing more touching than the love and sincerity. Can manifest itself in different ways: in an attitude of tender and reverential towards the loved ones, in good words and works, in the care or the fulfillment of the dream of someone, in the desire to go to two for life, which is closely hand in hand.

These are the stories that are behind each of the photos that Great.guru has been compiled especially for you. We want you to conmuevas by the love they transmit.

“My dad asked for a puppy for 4 years. Finally, mom allowed him to have one”

Upon graduation with the bachelor of science in engineering, the son of a rickshaw to take their parents home

“Each month, my husband and I chose a free day to give 100 burgers in 100 minutes to those who need it”

“I just had to have me married to my soul mate 30 years ago! After marriages without success, we found each other”

In this way the father decided to support her daughter in a concert

“Everyone thought I was crazy when I chose a dog of 10 years as my first pet. 6 years later, still chasing the ball, loves adventures and playing with friends”

“The simple things. My 24 year old daughter came to visit from abroad. I found this note in my notebook 2 days after he returned to leave”

“Mom, I hope you know how much I love you. Shanny”.

“My dad doesn’t support it, but I think you will like the kittens of my sister.”

“My parents stayed with me a week. Tried to not fall asleep until 23:00 for me at home after my long day of work”

“Whenever I arrive from work at 17:30. My husband sent me a picture of our dog after I arrived at 18:00. Was traveling, I had 4 days of suffering…”

“My parents had to postpone their wedding due to a diagnosis of my father. Your probability of survival was 3 %, and he could not have children. After 39 years, my father takes me to the altar”

As well (to the left), Tucker looked and sintía in a shelter. And so (to the right) you see when you have found your home

Even the cake more beautiful and expensive it could not have caused a wave of emotions as warm as the made by dad

When your friends know how much you need a dog

A message to which it was impossible to remain indifferent

“How could someone throw this rose into the lake by me? The ashes of my late husband are to be scattered in the lake and since I can not get to the shore in my wheelchair, in addition to that the door is closed. I need to go to the north this evening. Thank you.”

“Usually, I don’t take pictures of other people, but these two come here and play chess every Sunday, and that gladdens my heart”

The water flooded the place in which they were puppies, but the mother fought desperately for every one of them and saved them

This couple vietnamese is married 70 years ago

Which one of these pictures with history was the one that played with more intensity the strings of your soul?

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