18 Memes that can make you laugh at any girl

If you thought that the term “meme” was a word coined recently, let us explain that the term began to be used in the year 1976 by Richard Dawkin. The memes are made for all people, including women. After all, as he said once Cindy Lauper, oh girls just want to have fun!

In Great.guru we have compiled a list of the memes popular with almost all of the girls will feel identified.

1. When they call you “cute” all the time, but you’re still single…

2. How is your love life?

3. When your crush looks at you play

4. When you go over a small break and you have to delete all your messages dramatic

5. When a story of Snapchat lasts longer than 60 seconds

6. I then said to him: “I’ll Be ready in 5 minutes”.

7. “Yes, you can have a boys night out”.

32 messages, 41 calls, 20 voice messages.

8. Photo shoot vs back to me

9. The dilemma of using or not using torn jeans

10. I can not avoid to be so popular


12. The mood of a girl can change in… only 0,0003 seconds

13. When you are in the middle of a tutorial of makeup and goes to the wifi….

14. “He saw Me without my false eyelashes. I would say that things are getting pretty serious”

15. When someone asks me why I still don’t have a partner: “I don’t know, I thought that alone was cool.”

16. That moment when the person you like accepts your friend request


18. When you see the person you like is flirting with another girl…

Do you have some other memes of fun to share with us? Please, do it in the comments section below!

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