18 Messages unexpected text that crippled its recipient

Have you received a text message that says that your ex is going to be your stepmother, or someone sent you the picture of a parrot on a dog? Do not hurry to ask questions, maybe someone simply took the wrong number.

Great.guru has compiled for you the most epic messages sent to a wrong number, and we don’t know whether to cry or laugh with them.

How good that I am not Ben

It is best not to return to some places

A brief guide on how to make friends

“I never aburriré send random messages to unknown numbers”

“I received a photo from an unknown number. I think that this should be the only correct answer”

When that unknown number doesn’t help as you expect

An offer impossible to refuse

Some should take note

Don’t ask nothing, only recommend a cheese

We can also do that!

This guy deserves an award for who has the worst of luck

Oh No, wait!

“Today someone has the wrong number and he sent her to my wife this photo”

This is have bad aim

What is going on here?

What do you, what do you know of romantic pictures?

And he, probably, had already bought a plane ticket

“I was sent this photo by mistake, but is too good not to share it”

Have you ever received error message strange? Do you also respond to people you don’t know?

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