18 Times in which the kitchen became a hell of a job

Cook something yourself or buy something ready-to-eat is a task that we all face, at least once during the day. But what should you do if cooking is not your thing? You can either give up or keep trying to give life to any dish.

In Great.guru , we have gathered 18 photos that show that cooking is really a very difficult task.

18. “Actually I’m glad I started to prepare my food, this has really changed my life”

17. It’s a great way to start the day!

16. There are cinnamon rolls burned, only pieces of modern art

15. Pie owned

14. Go! Something went wrong here

13. And now, how am I supposed to spread the butter?

“I think I should have used a special knife for the butter”.

12. Spinach before cooking / spinach after being cooked

11. We all know what it feels like when…

10. Expectation / reality

“Just call me Martha”.

“Damn Pinterest”.

9. You could pave a road on this

“Dad forgot that I was cooking a few pancakes and that was the result, after several hours”.

8. “When your sister melts the tray from the oven, and the chicken pieces look really chilling”

7. Well, at least you tried…

“I’m going to make a super lasagna”.


6. I can’t imagine what it tastes like that

5. When you see a chapter of Master Chef and you feel that you are already a professional in the mounting dishes

4. ¡Scary! I just wonder… how?

3. Snow white is not as beautiful as before

2. We hope that you perfect your cooking techniques prior to the day of Valentine

“I don’t need a cookie cutter in my life.”

1. “This is my second failed attempt at making brownies”

What of these disasters culinary you seemed more fun? Do you think that cooking is difficult? Please share your experiences with us in the comments!

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