18 People who have an imagination so strange that long ago should have been reviewed by a doctor

It is a pity that the imagination cannot be turned on with a button. For example, you press “On” and, ¡voilà! In a second invent the description for a photo more ingenious that no one else might have happened, or write a tweet that makes you cry of laughter to all and get “Repost” of thousands of users around the world. Pure advantages, right? The important thing is to be able to stop in time, before causing many… many disasters.

Great.guru has brought together 19 people whose irrepressible imagination is responsible for the turnaround of the absurdity in nature.

1. “So I see it when I check the balance on my credit card, and even so I call my friends to plan an exit in the night”

2. How to continue living after this?

3. “When you spend the night in the home of your friends and have nothing with which you cover yourself”

4. It does not matter that you are the savior of the magical world, the technology is more important

5. As the saying goes, the drunk and the users never lie…

6. “When mom comes home and fills the room of negative energy”

7. What do you call this kind of phobia?

8. “When there is an avalanche of work and see how your colleagues are running from here to there, but you have 4 more minutes before you finish your lunch”

9. “Here they are! Are the subjects that appear in all the problems of mathematics”

10. “So I see when I think of how to earn some money without having to get a job”

11. The category of the “Stop dreaming”

12. “I looked at the menu before ordering the same old thing”

13. An optimistic scenario

14. “When you’re trying to find out if your mother is in a good mood before asking something”

15. In effect, why?

16. “It’s been 16 years, and I still can’t understand how they managed to bring Scooby-Doo to board the plane with this disguise”

17. If this is not impact content, what is it?

18. “When my dog does something bad and my whole family is angry with him”

Evaluates your imagination on a scale of 1 to 10 in the comments section below, where 10 is the level of George R. R. Martin, and 1 is the of a stone!

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