18 Evidence that the cunning female has no limits

Women appear to be beautiful creatures and delicate, but within each of them lies a power of such magnitude that no man can hardly imagine. If this is not so, how to explain the ease with which the girls, at times, deceive the boys, or take into their hands the control of the situation? Choose a good angle for a photo in a second, get the best daughter-in-law in the world while your child is still hesitant to make a proposal of marriage, do the parents of your boyfriend to believe that he is the one who spent all the money on shopping on the Internet… And this is only a small part of the examples that we will offer in this selection of photos.

Great.guru has put together 22 images that prove ingenious that can be women.

“The mother of my boyfriend, proposed to me to become his daughter-in-law”

“Dear Cat, would you be my daughter-in-law? This is my first engagement ring, and I want it to be yours for three reasons:
1. I think you and my son were made for each other.
2. I want my son to marry the girl of my dreams.
3. Because I love you.
With love, the mother of Rick”.

“I’m already tired of these tricks of women”

“I taught my brother to make a false ‘I’ to the place in my bed when I sneak out to have fun”

When you fall into the same trap again and again

What happens when a girl wants to look natural and a little unkempt at the same time

If he / she wanted, this woman could conquer the world, and no one would notice that we are under his power

The moment you understand what true cunning

“I saw a woman painting her car black with spray paint, newly purchased, directly into the parking lot of Walmart”

Women always have an argument of weight in reserve

A woman must have some secret, for example, how it looks without makeup

The moment in which you realize that the best place to invite a girl to the first appointment is the swimming pool

When you’ve asked him 3 times what he wants to ask, but as she eats from your plate

When your boyfriend tells you to eat the part of the pizza that you want

When you find the perfect way to sleep an extra hour in the morning without anyone bothering you

“My girlfriend regularly takes this type of photo to show me that I dress like an old man…”

“I decided to wash my hair, and suddenly revealed the truth”

When, without having waited, you fall forever in the “zone friends”

A young woman disguised as her grandmother in order not to have to prove to the salesman in the store of alcohol for a long time he is of age

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