18 Tricks that will turn you into a professional to make your bags

An interesting fact: in Europe, the total amount extra that the residents of a country pay the airlines for overweight baggage can reach approximately half a million euros a year. At the same time, on average, a third of the things that passengers carry their travel, are not used. It is logical that the tourists who do not wish to be part of these statistics, to develop new methods to save space in the suitcase.

Great.guru collected some useful tricks that help not only to make the suitcase, but also to make your trip light and respectively nice. At the end of the article you expect a valuable advice of experienced travellers.

1. Switch the clothes to the make the bag

The t-shirts tight t-shirts and blouses will wrinkle less when you bend it in as rolls. In any case, although packaging the clothing with the “layers” usual, it is recommended to alternate the knits and shrivel fast. So they will have less wrinkles.

2. Use paper to pack the things

Another method to minimize the percentage of the clothes wrinkled during the transportation is to wrap them in paper or put layers of paper between the stacks of clothing.

3. Packing clothes in fabric shelves

You can pack clothes in the suitcase directly with the shelves of fabric destined for the wardrobe. Fold up easily and are also drawn in the same way of the bag and can be placed, for example, in the beam of the closet of your hotel room.

4. Use bags for washing to pack things

The clothes are folded in the form of rolls can be packed in bags for washing. Packaged in a certain way, the clothes can occupy less space and will be easier to make your bag. After the end of the trip, you can put the dirty clothes in these bags for washing.

5. Use the space inside the shoes

The space inside of the shoes can be used not only for carrying socks, but also other things. For example, armbands, cables, belts and flasks.

6. Pack each shoe separately

It is better to put separately each boot or shoe and not a pair together. By putting them in different parts of the bag or suitcase, you can save space. There are covers, special shoes, however, can be placed in a covered shoe. And, for shoes with flat soles such as packing, will serve some old clean socks.

7. Use the empty containers of the pills

A small amount of cotton swabs are just the ones that we need in trips, are easily placed and carried conveniently in a container for pills.

8. Travel with a small amount of toothpaste

On trips that only last a few days, try not to carry a full tube of toothpaste. This can be stored in a bottle of drops.

9. Use duct tape to transport the liquids

For liquids and gels do not pour out of the jars, can be glued to the lids with adhesive tape.

10. Use the socks as a cover for small glass bottles

So do not worry about the contact between the glass bottles, for example, perfume, or a cream, can be placed in a sock and wrap them with each other.

11. Place the accessories in containers compact

If your travel requires you to carry a little quantity of gems or jewellery, then they easily can be placed in a plastic container of sweet children. This “hiding” can take it with you, for example, to the beach, if you have to remove the accessories. What you can adhere to the braces in the form of a keychain.

12. To have a reserve league for the money

The leagues for the hair or for the money you will always be able to serve in the travel, because with its help you can also pack things, fix tangled cables or rolls of clothing. So that the leagues are not lost and are always at your fingertips, you can put them in a clasp.

13. Use oven mitts to carry the hair curlers

A hairdryer staff do not always will help you during your travels, as they are often what you can find in the hotel. But the curler to the hair or the iron are necessary for some girls. In this case, it is convenient to transport them in a mitt. In addition, when you use them during the trip, you will not have to think about where to place this device hot until it cools down.

14. Carries the brushes for makeup in a case for the toothbrush

Most of the brushes are easily placed in the carton compact toothbrushes.

15. A hiding place for the money

A good hiding place for money can be a case void of lipstick or the case of a marker, which is necessary to extract previously the rod with ink.

16. Carry with you an empty bottle

If you have to travel by plane, then it is better to carry with you in your hand luggage empty bottle for that in the “green channel” after passing the control output you can fill it with water from a fountain drinking. Travelers very advanced always carry devices compact UV to purify the water.

17. Use container-safe glass containers

There are several methods to pack a bottle: in a towel, layers of newspaper or on floats. In addition, you can wrap the bottle in a disposable diaper and then put it in a bag or wrapping it with plastic or with a towel. Although for some reason or another the bottle to break, the diaper absorbs the liquid and help to preserve dry other things in the suitcase.

18. Transporting fruit in a box of potatoes

The carton of potatoes can be used to transport exotic fruits. It’s also worth putting them in a bag, plastic or newspaper.


This is a great tip from seasoned travelers. Before you travel, it is a practice to take photographs of all your documents, credit cards and insurance policies. The images you have to send your e-mail. Therefore, in case of losing the documents will be easier to retrieve them.

The trips are always great costs, not only materials, but also temporal and emotional. But more important that the expenses are good experiences and that these remain in your memory for a long time.

And you, what interesting tricks do you use in your travels?

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