18 Truths you must understand before you travel to China to not make a complete mess

Even if you’ve been to China, you love the local cuisine or you’re learning the language, you hardly have a clear idea of the subtleties of the Celestial Empire. Why the chinese have the nail of the little finger long? Why not could stick the chopsticks in the rice? What the chinese are considered to be educated? And what is wrong for a woman to wear strapless?

The editors of Great.guru shared his personal experience of emigration to the truths that you absolutely must know before you travel to the Celestial Empire.

1. It is known the saying that the sky blesses a chinese family with the birth of a child and makes a mockery of her if she sends you a girl. This attitude may continue in force in some provinces, but in large cities the reaction to the sex of the baby is not as dramatic. However, the influence of the patriarchy is strong in China: the older generation is still inclined to see a woman in the first place, as a housewife, and wife, and many parents have reservations regarding the willingness of their daughters modern studies higher (God forbid, abroad) and build a career actively.

2. The chinese men like to be groomed and do not hide it. This, again, applies primarily to the younger generation. The young people love to use all kinds of perfumes, hair cut and hair style, dye her hair, to think in detail her costume. It is believed that the growing trend of “aesthetics of male,” was taken by the chinese from South Korea, known for its worship of beauty. The difference between the old and the new generation of china sometimes is unbelievable: mature men rarely bother to choose the clothes, and not to mention the rest of the details of the male aspect.

3. What is the reason of such dramatic changes in the appearance of the chinese? It is simple: the appearance is the first thing that speaks about your purchasing power, and a few high-income is the dream of every chinese. In fact, it is a point of union between the generations. Only that, under the influence of western culture, young people tend to aspire to a figure carved while the chinese mature not hesitate to flaunt his solid belly: all the world know how well he eats, he can afford to get fat.

4. A long nail on the little finger of the chinese many times, causing astonishment among the westerners, but its meaning is very transparent to the local: is another way of showing others that you are not in front of a man that need to earn a living with hard physical labor. No, No, No, and no, your daily life goes with comfort, you know your own value and your main tool is intelligence.

5. The eccentricities indecent of all “non-chinese” are taken with condescension and even a little bit of air of superiority: what can you expect from the behavior of “western”. By the way, a deep neckline here is considered much more vulgar than a short skirt. Like the makeup strong. Chinese women do not wear make-up at all, or use a minimum of cosmetics.

6. Well informed or not, the chinese think the western people are, without a doubt, very beautiful. Because they have clear skin and big eyes. No matter the nationality, the main thing is that, clearly, you have a look “european”, and therefore, according to the opinion of the chinese, you could easily go on the cover of any fashion magazine.

7. When a western person is in China, makes it difficult to maintain the levels of the ego (within reason). And not only because they consider him a to be truly beautiful. The inhabitants of the Celestial Empire are very generous, to make compliments from the beginning; so, even if your vocabulary is limited to correctly pronounce “Ni Hao!” (“Hello!”), surely you will say that you speak excellent chinese. And that you are dressed with much elegance. And that this cutting of hair will become very good.

8. The chinese have their own terminology for the nations of dark skin. If you speak the local language, don’t be surprised when you hear the expression “people of coffee”. Although, when you speak of your friend with dark skin, think again: how is a person to coffee, or rather of chocolate?

9. The chinese love to drink and you might even say we know how to do this. Generally, preference is given to the beer, for a celebration is buying boxes. By the way, alcohol and cigarettes here are sold even to teenagers. And at the same time, there are virtually no young people drinking or smoking: it seems that the local youth are not crosses your head do drink and enjoy these permisividades of the law.

10. Continuing with the theme of the previous paragraph: prepare yourself mentally for the possibility of seeing a child of any age in a bar. No, of course not it was to release tension by a test of mathematics depraved, but that their parents will gather there with friends or relatives. And yes, once more, the chinese children show no interest in alcohol.

11. Another example of the incomprehensible miracle eastern occurs on the roads in chinese; the rules you traffic are constantly violated, and the pedestrian is practically not considered to be part of the equation, but the number of accidents is ridiculously low. Drivers chinese manage to be opened, brake and maneuver in the exact second needed. Maybe it’s something that is transmitted genetically.

12. The chinese common rarely speaks English or any other foreign language. The exception can incorporate the students, the staff of the luxury hotels or the residents of cities mega progressive as Hong Kong. With the rest, you’ll have to communicate by gestures.

13. You can smoke everywhere. Up choosing noodles in a shop.

14. A delicate moment, but important: in the public baths, there are to find the toilet paper (if there is one) in advance somewhere in the area of sinks and, definitely, before you enter the cab. This applies to the vast majority of establishments chinese.

15. It is best to refrain from any kind of physical contact, is something they don’t like the chinese. Handshakes are only accepted by those who are accustomed to working with foreigners and are familiar with their culture. If you deliver a business card, you have to take it and store it in the most careful possible: the business card symbolizes the person that the delivery and you have to show respect.

16. When you accept the invitation of a chinese, for example, to dinner or even to stay in your city for a few days, keep in mind that he has the intention of paying for it. Discuss with him means to belittle your condition of host hospitable and show a great lack of respect. Best praises of all the possible ways your efforts and your generosity, and demonstrates sincere gratitude.

17. When you go to a typical dining establishment for chinese, remember that there is not, nor will there be a fork. Even if eating with chopsticks is extremely difficult, never do the following:

  • Do not key the chopsticks in the rice (unless you’re at a funeral).
  • Don’t throw the chopsticks on the table; it is an omen of bad luck.
  • Do not point to your partner with a stick while you talk; it is an insult.
  • Do not hit with sticks for your teeth or a cup; it is of very bad education.
  • Do not take food with the opposite ends of the chopsticks (it’s hard to confuse them, but even so).
  • Do not puncture the food with a toothpick.
  • It is relatively permissible, you will be deemed to be extremely little skilled, prick the food (for example, ravioli) with chopsticks in an attempt to, finally, bring it to the mouth.

By much to suffer during a meal as well, remember that your heroic attempts to eat as it should a decent person impress deeply to your well-known chinese.

18. Many consider the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire extremely rude, and it is understandable: they constantly push, pass without respect to the row and behave, in general, as if around there were no other people. Forget about waiting for an apology and accept the fact that the chinese who are behind you in the queue can be considered that it is more comfortable to be standing by leaning on it. They commented this way: “Yes, we know that the foreign this kind of behavior seems rude, but it is because they have never lived in a country with so many people, we are too many, never you will have a seat on a bus, or a good job, if you think being polite”. Well, it’s hard not to believe them and not compadecerles, when you see this photo of the entrance exam to the local school of art.

We are convinced that those who love China and travel followed to that country, must have made your own list of things that you have to learn compulsorily before you travel there. Some rules may work to the north of the Celestial Empire, or to the megacity, but are rarely needed in the south or in the provinces. We have tried to collect for you the most universal and look forward to the stories of your own tourist experience in the comments.

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