19 Warm photos that make us believe that the people of old loved different

Lovers of all-time seem. But in an era with so much complicated as it was in the TWENTIETH century, the lovers had to overcome hundreds of obstacles and to not lose hope.

In Great.guru it seems to us that in that era people just loved a little bit different: sincerely, with all your heart, with sacrifices. Júzgalo for yourself.

19. A kiss interrupted a military parade, 1943

18. A british soldier returning from the war and his girlfriend could not wait for the train to stop

17. The love on the coast

16. This marine received the last kiss from his girlfriend before the train was launched, 1960

15. Enamorados-drawing hearts in a tree, 14 February 1944

14. A couple kisses from the different boats

13. A kiss to sneak through the Berlin Wall

12. A French woman kisses an american soldier after the liberation of Paris

11. Kisses in the near

10. Station “New hope”, 1945

9. The kiss of farewell

8. Happy, 1949

7. A kiss end

6. A marine leaned down to kiss a girl after the return of the ship “Sydney”, February, 1941

5. A soldier kisses his wife before the train tore during the Korean War

4. The farewell

3. Home for the holidays

2. Hello, love!

1. The famous kiss of the marine and the nurse in Times Square on the day of the victory over Japan

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