19 Cases of children who had the best of intentions but something went wrong

Every parent can remember dozens of anecdotes about how your child drew on the wall, painted the face with a permanent marker or shed a litre of milk on a laptop. The young researchers ‘ tireless sometimes terrorize their parents, but, at the same time, never leave you bored.

Great.guru compiled the most memorable when the intentions of the children were good, but things do not go as they had hoped.

“My daughter was in kindergarten she drew a few birds. I think they look nice, but am I the only one who sees a cruel murder and a knife in the back?”

Son, how many years of life remain to me?

“When your dog and your child is absent for at least 5 minutes, you should start to suspect something”

This girl made a surprise to the best dad in the world

This is the true love to mom

This baby closed the car, while his mom was carrying the food, and laughs watching the rescuers trying to get him out of there

When the child lists all of the qualities nice to remember about you

When you realize that you really want

Not to waste the milk

It looks like the birth of your own style

“I received this card from my 11-year old daughter”

When you improve a little to your younger brother

How can you be angry with this declaration of love?

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