19 Things that are strange and shameful that the people saw when he was shopping

There are certain things that we all do in the supermarket, such as finding deals that we don’t need or take objects, and leave them on the shelf wrong. And although it may not be the right thing, it is a normal behavior. The good news is that we don’t have to feel so wrong to do that, because there are people who go to the supermarkets and bring the insanity to a whole new level.

Great.guru has found some of the moments strangers captured by customers in various supermarkets. Try to guess the story behind each image (warning: perhaps many of these beings are aliens).

1. The correct order to the time you go to buy food

Food for dogs.

Food for cats.

Food for human.

2. Well, that is really weird…

3. When they tell you to relax:

4. “Please take my money!”


Carries fresh salads.

5. When you want to carry it all in a single trip:

6. “What a beautiful and small… Emm, forget what I said”

7. “Today there will be only healthy food, mr. cat”

8. Sounds like a threat

This is not a goodbye.

9. “The poor man. Went shopping with 3 girls, and when it was put to rest, they left”

10. “I took my hedgehog to the grocery store and nobody told me anything”

11. Surely you like punk music

12. The blanket perfect

13. “Can I see your id?”

14. Never bring your children with you when you go shopping

15. Aisle perfect

Food for cats.

Toys for cats.


Food for a single person.

16. “Let’s go camping, I know the perfect place”

17. “My mom went to buy a sofa. I sent a photo to my sister, and then we noticed something strange behind the furniture…”

18. “I met with a young Michael Jackson live shopping in the supermarket”

19. “I met Jack Sparrow and Wolverine for buying bottles of water the day of today”

Have you ever seen something funny or embarrassing during a visit to the supermarket? It tell us in the comments section below!

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