19 Evidence that there are people that do not have sense to discuss

Discussing it comes to the truth, the whole world knows it. But sometimes, apart from getting to the truth (or even in place of this), you put yourself in a good mood and you have a story you want to tell with a smile in the future.

Great.guru has collected 19 stories of people who have an answer ingenious to anything.

Never contradigas to your wife (especially when you can’t find something)

When you decided to lose weight

All the criteria should be clarified with as much detail as possible

“I told my son that he should not swim in the pool without supervision. He took off his clothes and ran out, saying that he no longer wants to be with us”

No point in arguing with children

When all the historical facts need to be reviewed carefully

“I got a ’fine’ for the police not to do so”

A guy put on a t-shirt of Pepsi in the Coca Cola Museum

Nothing double standard

A trick of life for travelers

“I burlé of my mom because I didn’t know that tomatoes are fruits. Today he made a fruit salad for dessert”

He said that he had taken a photo with the guards of the Buckingham Palace…

And he is not alone, there are teachers of selfies similar

“A selfie with Cam Newton”.

Taxi drivers can be crossed with any type of people

And in the nomination “Response of the year” win…

Your father will not lead you astray

“My mom asked me to do a hairstyle in which the hair was half-up, half loose. I didn’t know what that meant, so I did this”

Not worth discussing with the passengers of public transport

The dreams of children are the most sincere

“When I grow up, I want to be…

Albert — a man who is at home and not doing anything.”

Have you met people that you don’t even have to start to discuss?

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