19 fun Photos taken with surveillance cameras that you will want to install a well in your house

To make life easier and complicate it to certain suspicious individuals, people are increasingly installing surveillance cameras. Sometimes you can capture a lot of interesting things.

Great.guru brought together those who were caught with “hands in the dough”. Or those who, on the contrary, managed to agree with the camera, as the guy that tops our list.

19. “I decide to check on the work the house house. Well, all that was left for me to do was to observe”.

18. “Mom told me that today he was chasing a cock. Not what I thought and I decided to check the camera”.

17. Level of the game of Jenga: teacher of teachers

16. “My parents installed a camera with motion sensors in the yard”

15. “We will forbid our cat sitting on the table. While we are working, do this…”

14. “I installed a camera in a shopping cart to remote control”

13. Surely going directly to the sauna

12. In some neighborhoods there are cameras of shame to expose those who throw garbage in places inapropriados

11. “I got the noficiación of the surveillance camera that has detected motion in front of my door”

10. The chamber of kisses sometimes gives surprises

9. A party of raccoons in a trough of reindeer

8. “The monster who blocked the camera in my car”

7. I think they began to suspect something

6. “I woke up at 3 in the morning and I decided to check the web camera of my daughter. I’m a bit taken aback”.

5. When you try to understand how this works

4. “My designer landscape was captured by the rain and the surveillance camera was turned on. Now this viking gives me a little bit of fear”.

3. “Well you see the working day of my cats.”

2. “I looked at the work the house house. He’s waiting for Me. My heart melted”.

1. “My dad went away on a trip for 5 days and installed a surveillance camera. But this didn’t stop me”.

Have you ever thinking of installing a surveillance camera in your home?

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