19 Stories about people whose superpower is a sophisticated and surprising wit

There are people who did not invent the iPhone and not traveled to space, but that does not stop them being true geniuses. Come out brilliantly uncomfortable situations and find simple solutions to problems that would explode the head of tension to others. It remains for us to observe them with admiration, trying to learn from them and remembering their actions.

Great.guru believes that creativity and ingenuity are essential aspects of human life, so that gives you to read real stories to be found among the publications of the people at the sites, “Heard out there,” and “Pikabu” on those who dominated these qualities to perfection.

  • At work, I opened a cabinet chemical reagents. In a row were: acetone, petroleum ether, sulfuric acid and… a foreign bottle with a label of Peppa. I went to find out what had happened with that; maybe someone was confused and had put in the wrong place accidentally. But no, it was a polyethylene, polyamide (PEPA), a hardener for epoxy resin. Very funny. @PivBea
  • A friend borrowed money to a lot of friends and acquaintances to buy an apartment of 2 rooms. Now what income and pay little by little that they should be to the 215 people.
  • We rent an apartment to a lady greater. She lives on the floor below with two other women of her age, and for some reason I always believed that they were relatives. Six months later, I found out that the 3 grandmothers got along very well and agreed to rent 2 apartments and live in the third. With the income to go on vacation, attend concerts expensive and do not need the help of their family or the State. I travel so much that it feels old I am!
  • Job as a driver for international transport. Once, I arrived at the border during a shift change. While we waited, we met a small group of people to talk to. The theme was: ways to fight the sleep. Someone consumed the energy drinks, other coffee, and the rest is managed with sheer force of will. But a driver getting on in years he said:

    – I have a teddy bear on the dash of the truck. I speak with him.

    – What? How does this help that?

    – Does not help in any way. Only that, when you begin to answer, ready, it is time to sleep. @merc.124

  • I told my colleagues that if you do not gather the money for the coffee that I had bought for all, close the cabinet of the coffee maker with 2 padlocks. All were in a hurry or had no cash, which was predictable. But the fact that I have those two locks in my portfolio, which could be used to link the handles of the cabinet, was a surprise to everyone. @PivBear
  • If you come across someone whom you have not seen in a long time and you want to avoid a long conversation, simply say the sentence: “Hello! Did you know that in our country is underestimated the sales pyramid? Let me explain to you”. In 90 % of cases, the person suddenly starts to be late getting somewhere. @SVIHOEB
  • My mom worked as a teacher in a technical school, and there they demanded that I surrender a medical certificate for each absence. Otherwise, they would be taken away the scholarship to the students. Of course, most of the students bought those papers. But once, my mother started to read the labels of these: a student man had carried a certificate of gynecology, another, one of a store of vegetables, and another, a veterinarian.
  • I was invited to the wedding of a friend and I called a make-up artist because I don’t know to put my makeup on. The day of the event, the woman told me that I had fainted and could not help me. Don’t know what to do! Then, I remembered that there was a shop of cosmetics and perfumes in my building. I went there, I explained the situation, and the lovely girl who worked in the place, I did a makeup amazing to change that you buy 2 products. So I had a change of image for free and new cosmetics at the same time.
  • We were at home, my wife, my daughter and I, each one busy in his things. Suddenly, the doorbell rang from the door. Opened my partner while I watched from the couch. After 5 seconds, she went to the kitchen, took a bag of garbage and carried it to the door. I looked at her and asked: “What was that?”. It turned out that a child of 7 or 8 years old offered to take the waste for a little bit of money because you wanted to buy a birthday gift to his mother. The amount was to will. My wife took advantage of the offer. For 1 USD, the bag was taken directly to the garbage container, confirmed by video surveillance. And that has nothing to do with begging. @orionaero63
  • A friend loved to make jokes. Once, in school, when all found it difficult to particularly pay attention in class, I put drops of juice of kalanchoe to their peers in the nose. After the children estornudaran non-stop for a time, the teacher, no patience, and ran to all of the class.
  • When my bf offends me, but goes here and there, proud and not apologetic, filled the tub and put a playlist with songs terribly tedious about love, about the benefits of the separation and the feminine power. The secret is that, at that time, I see my favorite series with the earphones on, and he sure is I’m considering separating. When I walk out of the bathroom, runs up to me with an apology. Always works, but you must not abuse.
  • Usually, my friend will dating with women she knows in an app designed for that. It is a kind of romantic playful: appointment to the girl in a park and carries in his backpack a set of camp (a coffee metal, a lighter, cups of coffee, snacks and a couple of blankets). The ladies melt when he makes them coffee in the nature and embrace it for the cover both with warm blanket.
  • I saw in a movie the protagonist vendándose the eyes before you eat to lose weight. So I did not see the amount of food they had eaten and were focused only on their feelings. I tried it and it actually works. The satiety comes much faster and not forcing yourself to terminarte all your snacks. I lost 6 kg with this method!
  • I live in an oriental country, and it is very fun to see the vendors at the market, thinking that I have billions in my pockets, start to inflate prices. I hope the maximum amount and start talking in their language, saying the real price. ¡Shock! I fear! Void in the eyes of the seller. On one occasion I bought as well a few mattresses from traditional with 24 pillows for a price 3 times lower than the actual, simply due to the scare that led to the see a foreigner speaking like them.
  • I went to a job interview. To 2 candidates and I was asked to complete a test of 3 pages A4 size. The questions were always, in the style of: “where do you see yourself in 5 years? What are your best qualities?”, etc., The position was not too luxurious, the company was not Google, and had a beautiful weather on the street. I approached the manager who was waiting for us and I asked him: “how can I not respond to the test, and simply promise that I will do a good job?”. He laughed and nodded. The other two girls put on an expression of: “how could You do that?”. Even I was surprised, to be honest. I start tomorrow.
  • A friend bought an island, and then appeared relatives, colleagues and acquaintances who wanted to “visit”. But he realized what that could mean financially, so he created a company and began to charge a fee of EUR 30 per day by each guest’s place. The amount was roughly corresponding to the amount that is actually spent on a daily basis to live in the island. The number of “friends” grew, and he continued to be a host, hospitable to all.
  • In college we had a classmate with long hair. But not as shown in the advertisements, but dirty, greasy and smelly. In his own words, let it grow and then sell. Naturally, everyone teased him, including the teachers. Once, one of the teachers blurted out that if the guy is rapaba the head, what would be approved automatically. This story is about how there is accountability biophysics.
  • Before I go to bed to sleep, to relax, I see exactly a chapter and a half of a series, and then I set the timer to turn on in the morning. As a result, instead of listening to the alarm, I wake up with my favorite tv show, and I’ll stay for another 20 minutes in bed, looking at him. Zero stress, zero jumps for the alarm.
  • Surely everyone has had to deal with annoying employees of call centres, and know how annoying they can be with their offerings that are “convenient”. Recently, I had to face them once more, but as I worked in one of those places (surprise), it all turned out to be much more interesting.

    — Hello, do you want to hire a fee accessible and affordable?

    — Hello. I worked in this call center.

    — Excuse me, until then. @Dionshik

We are thinking about applying the trick from the tv series instead of the annoying alarm to wake us up. What about you? What story you liked more?

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