19 People who’ve gone a little too far

It is difficult to argue against the saying that we have to surrender to the maximum in what you are doing. But the heroes of our collection followed this advice literally. The desire to do everything in an ideal manner made them burn a wedding gown, fill the car of “positive vibrations” and to fall into the water in search of a photo great. And the bonus at the end of the article we will discuss how the teacher of a school fight with the late arrivals of the students.

Great.guru gives you 19 cases of people who wanted to do everything to the best possible, but exaggerated a little bit, which amused them much to the others.

“My classmates were separated, and arranged by that a photo session”

And so this woman celebrates her divorce

This is to be a true fan: a man met 1 262 games made for the Wii

And this man has put together a collection of chips of 1 dollar each one of the casinos of Las Vegas

“My collection of lighters empty”

When you sell a jacket on the Internet and don’t really want to show your face

Does the positive vibration is more important than safety?

The wedding photographer I wanted to capture every detail, but calculated a bit wrong

The owners of the restaurant in Vietnam are so proud that Obama has been there, that “preserved” the table at which had sat

“My friend wanted to make the puree more quickly, so that processed potatoes in a blender before cooking”

The pharmacy clearly exaggerated with the advertising coupons that are printed along with the check

The same thing in regards to the instructions for the medication

The manufacturer of this tub worked so much for make it comfortable, which ended up being too cautious

“At work, I was asked to pick up the insulating tape unnecessary, the scroll into a ball and throw. This is what I got”

At the clinic they thought that an arch in the shape of a right would cause the people to give full consideration to time

In this restaurant thought that the bread was served in a bag of skin because it was more creative

“I asked my sister that I could dry the jeans as I dressed, and she did this”

The type could not choose which watch was best with your underwear, so put them all

If you’re going to take a photo for the album, school, dress accordingly

Bonus: a university professor makes you dance to students who arrive late

Do you also think you were too far away or, on the contrary, they do everything well? Tell us in the comments.

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