19 People who dared to go against the system

All regularly fills us with the spirit of the rebellion. Especially in those moments in which everyone around you will say one thing, but you want to go and do the opposite. But there are people that go against the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when it is something absolutely insignificant. And all because you just simply can’t be otherwise.

Great.guru has been found on the network to 19 people who are not used to follow patterns of behavior.

1. Is this legal?

“My way of eating any cake.”

2. “What the handle is in its place? Is in place. What is the problem, then?”

3. “I fractured my pinky finger and I couldn’t resist the temptation to do so when I had the plate”

4. R — reasonableness

5. “My wife is a monster”

6. Hardly have said “no”

7. And that fashion follow screaming

8. Be cheeky to a new level

9. “My father, I had never been asked to take a photo, but today decided for the first time”


10. You cry, perfectionists, we are with you

11. Because a personality is multi-faceted and should be visible from far away

12. The story of a rebel

13. Read and do the opposite

“Emergency exit do not block”.

14. “My wife leaves the shells in the container instead of throwing them in the trash”

15. Someone stop him

16. This can be adapted to the cinema right now

17. “Oh, the devil all the prohibitions!”

“Do not paint”.

18. Lifehack: how to enlarge the image in the computer

19. “My roommate makes the preelaboración cereal with milk”

What is the frequency of your rebellious inner struggle against the rules and authorities? Have you ever noticed something like this in yourself?

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