19 People who are worthy of being champions of the Olympics selfies

Recently ended winter olympic games, but started others, in that you can participate in any you want. The great advantage of these is that you don’t have to travel anywhere: simply take a selfie; how much more crazy, the better. Internet users organized a flashmob called the Selfie Olympics, where they demonstrated their unique abilities: some know how to climb walls like spider-man, others can fly on brooms, while there are individuals who can make photos with tennis.

Great.guru invites you to take a look at this selection of champions of selfies, every one of which deserves a special medal: not by your physical preparation, but for the value of laughing at yourself.

Champion of “bicigolf”

“I need gold”

The ability to maintain the balance will come in handy in any situation

And this girl, definitely, practiced ballet

An excellent way to train the muscles and to pay attention to your pet

It is time that also the dogs participate in the olympic games, or do you what do you think?

“I imagine Egypt”

“And I imagine my flower garden. I Bon soir!”

What a shame that the Quidditch even is not among the olympic disciplines

“Happy to perform this sport for a while, but where do I get more time?”

Anyone, today, knows how to do it

Conquering the peaks

“We don’t know what we are doing, but there will a selfie”

“I hope to bring gold to my country”

“All for my fans”

A true professional knows how to do selfies up with the tennis

The olympic games without denim jeans are not olympic games

“Can I also participate?”

Apparently, we have a winner

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