2 Evidence of that on this planet there is your double

“I entered the plane last and in my place I was sitting someone, so I had to ask her to move. He turned and saw in front of me my own face… the Whole plane was looking at us and laughing out loud”.

These are the memories of Neil Douglas, who a typical day, he traveled to Ireland to a wedding and on the flight she met her double. The “twins” not only bought tickets to the seats of your neighbors on the same plane, but then destiny crossed also in the hotel and afterwards, at the bar (although, well, in the bar they decided to meet on their own already).

But just think: it could happen to absolutely anyone! Have you ever heard the legend that the nature creates 8 identical people and distributes the world so that at least one of them survive? And their encounter inevitably causes a fault in the system, and the death of one of them.

Well, Great.guru do not believe in such stories, but now, I will prove to you that, in theory, of truth you can have a double.

1. Only 0.1% of the genome is responsible for the singularity

The first theory is based on the fact that 99.9% of the genome of all humanity is identical and only 0.1% is responsible for the uniqueness of each one of us. The genes that respond by the physical appearance are even less than this. So, despite an endless number of combinations of DNA, the sets of genes that respond by an identical appearance no longer seem impossible. Not for nothing there are so many rumors about the double of the famous.

Of course, a complete matching of even this minimum percentage can only occur in a case of a thousand million, as in the theorem of the monkeys infinite: if you give a typewriter to a monkey, in theory, there is the likelihood that, by accident, enter any tragedy of Shakespear in the original language.

Imagine: a monkey in front of a machine to write. The probability that you correctly enter the first letter of the tragedy “Macbeth” is 1 of 26 (not bad, right?). That you correctly enter the second letter, 1 676, and at the end of the fourth line (22 letters), this possibility is reduced to 1 of 13 quintillones. Well, the chances that a monkey write at least a chapter of Shakespeare are extremely small.

But, oh, there are!

That’s why, in theory, between 7 billion people living on this world can be one whose DNA may match with yours, even if it is in a fairly high percentage. For example, as in the amazing story of Valery Panyushkin on the donor spinal cord.

“If your bone marrow fits, they call you and ask you if you want to know the donor. If you both agree, you fly to meet him.

Some years ago I attended a meeting of this type along with my friend, dr. Mikhail Maschan, and a group of Russian children, his patients who have gone through the bone marrow transplant. There were 5 or 6 children, waiting for their donors, eating cupcakes, and starting to get bored.

Suddenly, the door opened and entered a young woman of about 30 years. She looked very puzzled. I did not know where to go. But we do. Just to see it.

“Oh my god!”, whispered Mikhail. “It cannot be!”. This blonde thin she looked like one of our girls, as an older sister you can look like your younger sister. It was impossible to go wrong. To the naked eye it was visible that the woman and the girl shared DNA.

Mikhail approached the blonde, asked for the name of the girl I was looking for, and, of course, the woman was looking for just the girl that we thought. Mikhail introduced himself and said that he was the doctor that had performed the transplant, and then led the woman to the girl. The blonde was saying something in English. But at the sight of the small, was frozen, and whispered, “Mein Gott! Das bin doch ich als Kind!” I did not know to speak German, but I understood that he said: “my god, my God, am I in the childhood”.

Valery Panyushkin

2. In reality, it may be a distant relative (very distant) yours

Another aspect: if you look at the issue from the point of view not only of genetics, but of mathematics, the dual may be simply your relatives. In accordance with the mathematical calculations, approximately within 8 generations, a human being can have more than 250 relatives, and within 30 generations, more than 1 million. And the logic says that there is nothing surprising if soon you stumble upon some distant cousin of yours in the that miraculously gave the same genes of their ancestors in common than you.

For example, in this article we have used the photographic project of Francois Brunelle called “don’t I look like”, who found dozens of canadians that seem to have been separated at birth. Who knows, you may just be relatives.

We can only hope that, in the future, the faces of all the 7 billion inhabitants of our planet are registered on any database in the Internet (like this page): well we could talk about to meet our double. Meanwhile, these meetings can be considered as a simple miracle, unless your twin out in some movie Hungarian or record videos rare on your phone (like this guy).

And, finally, imagine that somewhere in the world there is at least a handsome just like you! Answer honestly: would you like to know about it?

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