20 Grandmothers who conquered the Internet with his spontaneity

Of course, parents are the dearest people in the world. But only the grandmothers can pamper both your grandchildren, allowing the antics more crazy and playing with them as if they have 5 years. The child with the grandmother is fun without limits, lunches of 15 dishes, sweet forbidden secret of the mother, poor fairy-tale, warm hugs. And the sea of fond memories of the grandchildren as they grew up.

Great.guru has compiled the photos most poignant of the users of the network that will make you want to dial the number of your grandma immediately.

1. A grandmother of 90 years old with a kitten of 6 weeks in his arms, what of them is more sweet?

2. The main thing is to continue to be young in the soul

3. Know much about what is fashionable

4. The ability to enjoy the moment is the wisdom that comes with age

5. You’re not going anywhere without his best friend

6. Fans of Berserk can be so

7. Give a computer to my grandmother. Now is bullet-proof

8. Capture the grandchildren is a significant responsibility

9. When you have a grandmother normal (not presented this composition in the school)


When I come to visit my grandmother, we went out for a walk with her to a railroad. We carry with us coins. In addition to coins, collect bottle caps at the playground. We put the coins and the caps on the rails, and then we move away when the train passes through there. Caps and coins are groomed. The caps and the coins become beautiful. The caps are flying and we are looking for a long time. It is interesting to.

10. The grandmothers know what a gift truly valuable

11. The best of the opposing

12. This dog looks so proud every time that comes the grandmother

13. The grandmother of Captain Obvious

I read the lines of the hand

14. A grandmother will not guide you the wrong way

15. Incredible ability to fall asleep anywhere and in any circumstance

16. Does the fastest or the most cunning?

17. A grandmother with a heart of gold saves homeless animals

18. Treasure from the bottom of the chest of my grandmother

19. I did a trick to my grandmother

20. Perhaps the grandmother doesn’t like the music, but helps make the task

What fun things did your beloved grandmothers?

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