20+ Tips savvy Internet users that are completely useless but funny

Taking advantage of the wave of the popularity of the tricks and lifehacks on the Internet, there are people who prefer to joke about it. Just published “anti-tips” are useless for making people laugh.

Great.guru don’t recommend that you use these tricks in life, but it does read them to get a bit distracted.

Do you have the lavatrastes full of dirty dishes? Put some clean dishes in the drainer: right now it seems as if you’re working on that

If you feel lonely, watching a scary movie before going to sleep. You may feel that there is someone else in your house

If your tyres wore away, simply renuévalos using a marker

Did you know that in reality you only need to secure one end of the sheet?

Don’t you have a flashlight in your phone? Snap a photo of the sun and use this photo to enlighten you the way in the dark

If you lazy to wash the cup, make a sweet pepper

The ice for drinks is always just when you need it. Use frozen vegetables in their place

And in place of a bra for the pasta, a snake

In the morning you don’t always have enough time. Test eat breakfast and brush your teeth at the same time, adding the pasta to your meal

If you leave the wipers up, the traffic police will not be able to get your fines below them and your money will be safe

Heats up your mobile phone in the micro to disinfect it

Eat three times a day is expensive: get up as late as possible, skip breakfast and save

What a bad day? Sometimes it happens! Ponte sunglasses: now you have a bad afternoon

Just a detail, and your computer will work faster

Eggs are very healthy, but you get tired of eating it followed. Pour butter, chocolate, flour and sugar and hornéalos. Now you won’t get bored of eating them every day

This is how you can upload the status of your socks at the moment

If you can’t afford to have lenses of a virtual reality, simply close your eyes and imagine what that is

A glove filled with warm water can create the illusion that you are not alone

Create a manicure in three colors is easy if you have a toothpaste

Do you not have hair? I Dibújatelo! Or get a tattoo

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