20+ Things that are created for the comfort that should be implemented all over the world

On the Internet appear daily photos of small everyday things that manage to amuse, to inspire, or just to simplify the life of other people. For example, a hotel gives you a coupon for a free drink at the bar if you agree to a day without cleaning. Or a simple machine that sells soda gives you a cola bottle free, if you embrace.

Great.guru chooses the best of the best: fun ideas, eccentric, and simply brilliant that make the daily routine a little more fun. You won’t be able to watch until the end and not smile!

The reptile let you walk by the pet store and put him a vest that does not freeze

These urinary protect your shoes from splashes

In this restaurant, in place of the straws, they offer the metal, so as not to pollute the world with plastic

A library provides closed packages with books of a certain genre. It is not recommended to spy on

“Take an umbrella to protect you from the rain today. Bring it back tomorrow, and we’ll give you a cup of coffee”

“The hotel provided a smart phone for free with online maps, directions and the ability to call freely to any part of the world”

In a japanese bar for cats, the manager receives to the clients

A machine that sells meat and meat products in Germany, and operates 24 hours a

Most of the shops and supermarkets in Germany do not work on weekends or holidays, and days of the week they close at 20:00.

The entry in the dining room: “Take all you can eat. But eat everything you take. Yesterday we threw 6 kg of food, which would be enough to feed 24 people”

DNA test for americans, which will help to determine its roots and to discover to what country you support in World cup 2018

The airplane bathroom has a porthole. For those who have a fear of a closed space, they can relax

The Faraday cage as a gift from KFC blocking the signals of Wifi and mobile phone so that you can enjoy the delicious chicken wings, quiet

The loyalty card reverse to compete with big chains of coffee shops: pick up coupons from local cafes competing and get free coffee in any of them

This hotel offers a coupon free for a drink in the bar, if you agree that you will not clean the room

In this playground there is a sign that helps to communicate with children who have hearing problems

“Sign language: Game, Friend, Peace, Love, Help”.

In a bathroom of a stadium, installed a dispenser with sunscreen free

In this hotel, a rubber duck is attached to the accessories of the bathroom

The inscription on the machine: “hold me”. To obtain a cola bottle for free, simply embrace this machine

In this library there is a section with books that were returned recently

“At a local restaurant where they sell tacos, they gave me a band-aid in the form of a taco”

In this bar, you attach it to a mini toy to every drink. Men of different ages are excited about the idea

The glass of the enclosure is blurred just close the door from the inside

The chairs in the lobby of the hotel “salute” to the guests


The inscription on the door of the bathroom in a gym: “Every squat matters”

Have you seen some of the places that you will remember for some unusual things, but nice?

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