20+ Things created by people equipped with a lot of creativity by nature

The imagination of creative people often get out of the limits of all the stereotypes possible. That’s why, in their hands, the most ordinary things become masterpieces of creative thought. An example of this is a construction company that installed at the side of his office with a mailbox in the shape of a crane. And if you ever bankruptcy of a mirror, do not hurry to throw away the pieces, because you can convert them into a beautiful dove.

Great.guru wants to share with you some pictures of things, whose creators have an endless source of ideas.

1. This chain inflatable hangs from a building in where there are stores for people to store their things

2. These balls for bowling are painted as if they were billiard

3. The worst of the dollar are used to pay for an ice cream in this establishment

4. A golf cart decorated as a Matte, of “Cars”

5. Drop box located beside the office of a construction company

6. Coffee table made in the form of an Xbox controller

7. Portrait made with LEGO Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr., two-in-one

8. A limo made from a motorcycle Harley-Davidson

9. Bridge built at the beginning of this summer in Ba Na Hills, located near Da Nang, Vietnam

10. An art installation amazing

11. Ladders carved into a mountain

12. The doors of this convertible “open” in a different way than what we are used to seeing

13. Trailer tanker in the form of a can of Guinness

14. A few tricks for simple hidrobicicleta that turned into a show of colorful

15. “We went to a bar and we ordered the cocktail ‘Wilson’. Why is it called so? Because it is served in a ball Wilson!”

16. What do you think are these flashing lights?

17. In Czech Republic there is a train decorated like Predator from the movie “Alien”

18. A dove was born of the pieces of a broken mirror

19. In Puerto Rico, in place of a security camera, in this parking lot of Walmart used a watch tower with a guard

20. The tables in this restaurant are located in cabins of an elevator of skiers

21. An umbrella with a fan cooling

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