20 fascinating Things that did not pass the test of time

There is nothing permanent or unchanging in this world. The time influences everything and everyone. Normally, we don’t pay attention to things that change, because it happens very slowly, but some changes are truly amazing.

Great.guru brings you some photos of great examples of work that achieved the time in things and people. Look through them until the end to find out what you can do the time in a few months and for hundreds of years.

1. These are the traces that a monk left praying in the same place for decades

2. Here are six months of accumulation in a pipe used for a spa pool

3. All the brick wall has been warped by the sea

4. Hands across generations

5. Before and after pressure washing. New York used to be a city much more dirty when the northeast used coal plants

6. Two cars were in the forest many years ago

7. Two teddy bears identical. The one on the left has been my brother for 30 years. The one on the right has been saved for your first child, that was born today

8. Ghosts of Union station

9. A guitar old

10. Steps of the Great Wall of China

11. A pillowcase that has been used every day for 40 years. The other has been stored in the closet.

12. These M&M have been there more than 10 years

13. Knives of Iron Chef Morimoto. The above is a knife again. The below shows 3 years of use, sharpness, and cleanliness in their restaurant

14. This may have been in that cup for more than two years

15. This is the effect of sun damage after 28 years of driving a delivery truck

16. Steps worn towards the top

17. This parking lot used to be a kind of building. Instead of removing the old floor tiles just paved

18. This tree is raising up stones of a wall collapsed

19. This corner outside next to the entrance door of the shop local bicycle shows significant wear over the past 30 years

20. A boy left his bike chained to a tree when he went to war in 1914

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