20 Data that reveal how would be the goods in the world if we were all the same

Our planet is a truly unique and beautiful, but at the same time it is home to some 7.5 billion people. Unfortunately, the quality of life of the people is not equal. But what would happen if every person on Earth to gain an equal share of all the wealth and goods produced by humanity?

Great.guru proposes you with this article to know some surprising statistics in a world where each one of us would be the same, so real, to all the others.

1. Earth’s surface

  • The earth’s surface: 148.429.000 square kilometers.
  • Each person would have approximately 19.790 square feet of surface.
  • The density of the population in Monaco is 18.679 people per square kilometer. In Russia, the largest country in the world, is of 8,56 persons per square kilometer.

2. Fresh water

  • In the Earth we find 1.386 billion cubic kilometers of water, of which only 3 percent is fresh water. Most of it is in glaciers or too deep underground.
  • Suitable for consumption, as well as available, it is only the 0,649 percent of the total, around 120 billion litres per person.
  • Taking into account the large number of industries, agriculture, pollution and evaporation, not so much. I think on this and don’t waste water in vain!

3. Railways

  • The total length of the railway lines in the world achieve 1.370.782 kilometers.
  • Per person, it is a little more than 18 inches of rail.
  • According to this data, the entire population could not even stand up at the same time on the tracks.

4. Oil

  • By 2016, the global reserves of proven oil amounted to 1.707 billion barrels.
  • For each person would correspond to approximately36 liters.
  • And this, with the current level of use of oil (they are, approximately, 2 litres per person per day) would be sufficient for another 50 years.

5. Wool

6. Paper and cardboard

  • The production of paper and paperboard is situated on the 406,5 million tons per year.
  • And that is a little more than 54 pounds per person!
  • This amount would be sufficient to ensure that each one annually add to their home library a couple of large sets of complete works of your favorite authors.

7. Forests

  • The forest area of the world in 2016 had with 3.999 million hectares.
  • Of this figure, for each person would be about 5.300 square meters.
  • It is very little, especially taking into account the previous point about the production of paper and the fire who have not just never in all the world. And why forests are the lungs of the planet!

8. Coffee

  • In 2016 all the exporting countries of coffee in his set were pounds of coffee.
  • For each person would be available 1,23 kg. And this, for the countries “coffee growers”, would be, without a doubt, very little.

9. Coca-Cola

  • In 2016, the company produced 155 billion liters of Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light and Coca-Cola Zero.
  • This, to a person it would be likea little over 20 litres per year!
  • But if we have other brands of soft drinks, how much occurs in the world?

10. Soap

  • Annually, are manufactured 4.535.923.700 kilos of soap.
  • Per person, this amount would be 605 grams of soap.
  • Only with washing hands regularly can prevent annually more than 1.4 million deaths. So don’t ignore something so simple, long live the soap fragrant!

11. Bananas

  • Each year, the world produced about 103 million tonnes of bananas.
  • Individually, each one would receive a year of almost 14 kilos of bananas. But, of course, the greater part of these fruits are consumed in developing countries.

12. Gold

  • In the entire history of the search for gold, has been obtained from the earth a few 187.200 tons.
  • So, per person, each should have 25 grams.
  • Currently, it is estimated that are 57 thousand tons, which would be enough for each person to gain of 7.6 grams. Do you already have entered the urge to weigh all the jewelry that you have at home?

13. Blood donation

  • The year, in all the world, will donate about of 112,5 million doses (450 milliliters) of blood, which sum 50.625.000 litres.
  • Adjusting to this fact, every person would have the right to 6,75 milliliters of the total donated. It is negligible in comparison with the amount of people in the world who are daily in need of a transfusion of this vital liquid.

14. Plastic bags

  • People produce annually omore than 5 trillion plastic bags!
  • That means about 700 bags per person.
  • The useful life of many of them does not reach more than a few seconds, but the time to break down and your impact on the environment and the animal life lasts for, literally, centuries. Plastic bags are a difficult material to recycle, so they have become a global problem. In many countries, governing a total or partial ban on its sale and production.

15. Beer

  • The world production of beer in the year 2016 amounted to 190.920 million litres.
  • Divided by people, it is a little more than 25 liters per year.
  • Some would say that the figure is too low. But do not forget that, in many countries, will prefer other beverages.

16. Burgers of Mcdonald’s

  • The branch of Mcdonald’s largest U.s. prepares itevery second, more than 75 burgers! That would give us an approximate total of 2.365.200.000 the year.
  • But of all these, each person would be entitled to only a third of the burger!
  • But do not worry, in order to strengthen the products of Mcdonald s we also found other large fast food companies that increase this paltry figure to cosmic dimensions.

17. Space junk

  • Currently, the scientists conducted a follow-up in orbit hundreds of thousands of space debris, which means a total weight of 7,500 tons.
  • Each one of us, it would correspond to a gram of space debris.

18. Cigarettes

  • Each year, the world is smoke around 5.8 trillion cigarettes.
  • This figure, divided by person, it would be up to 773 cigarettes by the individual. Even so, the number is terrible if it is recalled that die each year, million people due to smoking, it is very scary!

19. Milk

20. Kittens

Despite the fact that the cat is the mascot more popular, the population “cat” world is estimated at 600 million felines, which represents only 0.08 to cats per human. So, if you have a cat in your home, you’re rich. It sees and embraces your ball hairs!

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