20+ facts about the psychology and the character of the cats shared by a breeder with experience

The cats live closely with humans for 10 thousand years, but still don’t know everything about them, so mysterious are. But it is sometimes possible to trick even the most astute of them. A user of Twitter, shared some tricks and, of step, told why cats are the most photogenic.

Great.guru invites you to learn more about your pet and their cosanguíneos, and also to know the favorite pet of the author of the post. And at the end of the article, I expected a wonderful story.

How to take care of a cat

  • Cats will sharpen claws on scrapers vertical, and the cats prefer the horizontal boards. I’m waiting for a detailed analysis of this pattern from the point of view of the price freudianism, but for now go one to know why this happens.
  • The kittens of race-bred in good condition are very difficult to spread with whatever. Once, there was an incident at an exhibition: a madame somehow managed to pass the competition having distemper. After two days of sitting at the same tables with a sick animal, none of the four kittens or even sneezed. Is called immunity.
  • If your cat doesn’t like the combs, the more likely it is that dislikes the accessory used, and not the process itself. Some do not tolerate the combs crests, other, deslanadores. And some are even scared of the glove’s dressing room.
  • Every time you pick up a cat by the front legs, you take the risk of breaking the clavicle. The risk increases if the cat is huge and weighs more than 6 or 8 kg
  • The hierarchy of the cats is extremely logical: the more high is the head. Therefore, if you put the small house cat to a higher level than that of your bed, who will dictate the rules will be he, not you, and you same what you said.
  • The cats sterilized, unlike those who are not, they are still kittens playful until the old age, because nothing bothers them. Just do not allow it to fattening, and the cat will have a healthy and happy life. So see you what kind of existence is most full.
  • If you don’t want the cat to sleep in your bed, enciérralo at night from small in another room. “Meow” during a night and will get used. This will not affect your attachment at all. Of adult cat it will not even come up with the idea of sleeping in the bed of someone.
  • Don’t wash dishes with chlorine bleach. For many cats, bleach is like the valerian. Or will live within the tray with pebbles health, or the aim and intoxicará.
  • Kittens have preferences not only for the taste of the food, but also by the consistency. So if the cat approached, sniffed the food fresh and moist, was served, but did not eat, do not hurry to throw it away. Can you skip a time, because he has the intention of eating it dry.

The characteristics of the psychology feline

  • If the cat wants to punish you, it will be back, will catch you with his front legs and will hit you with the rear. This is your best shot. When you are stuck with the front legs, it’s usually not a desire of hurting, but of an attempt to say “leave me alone and go” with a different degree of patience.
  • The kittens have a built-in filter for the uniform movement, so it is better to play with them, balancing the toy on impulse and making stops. If you wave it from side to side like a fan, the cat will have an interesting reaction: after about 30 seconds, you will no longer see the toy and will start to look through it.
  • Cats can be trained. The problem is that the people assigned to the training much more easily, and, with the same degree of perseverance, earn the cats.
  • Cats do not consider their owner to the one who feeds them. If you want a cat you consider your master, you must take it with your parents in your hands when it is very small or educate (that is to say, punish him for the pranks and forbid you to do what should not be done). And that only gives you eat is nothing more than a feeder.
  • In education, it is important to be logical and consistent. If the cat believes that the challenge because yes, it will be awarded to your bad mood and will go up to the refrigerator and climbed the curtains, or is going to offend and cause some other mischief to get revenge.
  • There are No aggressive breeds, the associations do not encourage the breeding of killers furry household. Generally, bad behaviour is a consequence of the discrepancy between the nature of the feline and the care that is provided. Both the melancholy british-a family noisy, as the assets siamese abandoned by the owner can become aggressive.
  • The connections of associations of cats are unpredictable in people. Your pet may assume that all men are vets, after having met with one, or associate a certain perfume with nice company and caresses. Rarely remember a specific person.
  • The cats do not like sudden movements and, therefore, do not like dogs. The dogs move abruptly, and the cats can’t determine if they want to play with them or eat them. The algorithm breaks down, and the cat does what he does in general in any situation incomprehensible: it hits you in the face.
  • In the exhibitions, if the cat is nervous in your hands, holding gently his tail between his own legs not to shake. Here, cats are active a specific logic: if there is a possibility of showing nervousness, no nervousness. Interestingly, it works.
  • Cats do not only purr of pleasure, but also to attract the attention, especially when the purring becomes louder. It is an analog of our polite cough, as if to say: “Mmm, I love you, in general I am satisfied with everything, but it makes a lot of you are on Twitter and who is going to scratch myself behind the ear?”
  • At times, cats behave in a way very little pedagogical and educate the kittens to the blows. Rotate the leg at the correct angle and give it to the little boy who was distracted too much by playing a blow in the nape of the neck. In those cases, the surprise of the kittens is identical to the human.
  • The cats have their own analogous “free of children”. My cat is more raised her kittens with all the responsibility but without enthusiasm, and more by a need to “nobody will do it for me.” But when they were born and their grandchildren, refused to lamerlos and walked away not to bother him.
  • And of course there is also the opposite option: the cats that are considered supermadres, and believe that the rest is so incompetent that they steal their kittens and do not allow real mothers raise them. Generally, overstate much of your talent…
  • The cats have their own preferences in terms of appearance. For example, the cat of a friend was absolutely indifferent if next to their cage passed someone with a kitten in black hands. But as soon as he saw a “blond”: a white cat, silver, or peach, climbed through the window plastic to get to know you.
  • The cats are having fun in strange ways. To our cat, for example, likes the steam of the bathroom. Screams too damn if you don’t let it pass. Others love to ride in a car at high speed, and others, to swim in the river. The cats are rare.
  • Have a sense of humor rather monotonous. Is directed to other cats and mostly consists of jokes of the series “Now what asustaré and jump!”. The cat is scary many times they will be very pleased with himself.
  • Except in those cases in which it was casual and they were frightened both of them.

On different races

  • Do you want a cat that will stop to caress eternally? Looking for a Persian. Have hair so long that they can scratch themselves, and enjoy excessive petting as if it were a massage.
  • The easterners are inventive, fun, energetic. If you don’t like that a cat is speaking to you all the time and who ask you for petting and attention more than once a day, is not for you. You will not be left feeling alone.
  • I like the Curl americans. Always have a look so shocked and excited that it’s clear: cats are just as amazed by your appearance that you.
  • The siberian cat is like a snow storm. If you happened to be going to some place, you can build a concrete wall in your way, but will be the same.
  • If you want to have a Maine Coon, but you are afraid for your vase of flowers, favorite, have no fear, just accept that it is the end of your vase. The young Maine Coons are extremely awkward (and it is not surprising, with how fast they grow) and can destroy the middle department in the process of their growth.
  • Do you want a musical concert and you love cats? Go to the house of someone whose cat east has had cria a month ago. They are incredibly fertile, dried apricots, sociable, and voices high. The interpretation of a cantata music by a chorus of seven bats will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • Are you indifferent to the cats? Have a british and are indifferent together. To all in general.
  • The answer to the eternal question of all of the exhibitions: the Sphynx are cold. A lot. That’s why they climb up your arms, and love sweaters.
  • Do you want a cat, but a dog? Get a Bobtail Kurilian. Not barks, but is loyal and playful as a German shepherd.
  • The mix is more hellish that I saw was a cross between a Persian and an angora. The beauty is incredible, but in this cat the resentment of the persians is combined miraculously with the ingenuity and energy of the angoras. It could have been the prototype of Rocket in “Guardians of the Galaxy”. As soon as the owner came out, this white cloud came floating into the room and assessed their level of interesting elements. Then he moved to the chair that he was forbidden to scratch, the scratched exactly 4 times and retired so mysteriously that you gave the impulse to check your wallet.

And something more

  • The breeds of long hair are always more quiet than the short hair (somali-abyssinian Selkirk-Cornish-Rex). In this sense, for me remains a mystery the fact that the british long hair do not give laziness to breathe.
  • The cats are divided into the bushes (they love to hide in some place at the level of the legs and emboscarte from there) and the trees (which they climb as high as you can, examine all that is around and to take the monologue of “The Lion King”: everything that he touches the sun is our kingdom)
  • About colors: there are a couple of interesting names. So, if your kitten has black hair and orange with stripes, congratulations: your pet is a “mackerel-turtle”.

And the bonus promised

Do you and your pets happened to them interesting stories?

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