20+ Pictures of what happens on the other side of the screen

Sometimes it seems that the creators of the film are magicians. And just looking over behind the cameras we can to make sure that what happens on the set has nothing to do with magic. It’s all about high technologies, lots of energy and talent.

Great.guru collected 28 photos that will show you the beautiful world of cinema to the other side of the screen. We hope that you enjoy them!

Peter Jackson, the Galadriel and Gandalf: what a group so nice!

Bruce Willis resting on the set of “violent Times”.

The fauns also have hunger.

Tim Roth and Michael Madsen on the set of “street Dogs”.

“Stuart: a life backwards’: Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch decided to eat.

Johnny is approaching: on the set of “The glow”.

Ford hit Gosling by accident during the filming of “Blade Runner 2049”. The reaction of both is priceless.

Christopher Nolan on a desert planet with Matthew McConaughey in “Interstellar”.

Behind the scenes of “The place where everything ends”.

Quentin Tarantino has a small talk with Uma Thurman on the set of “Kill Bill”.

“Birdman”: the much-awaited kiss from Emma Stone and Edward Norton.

And so you see the movie “Trainspotting” behind the camera.

The double of Marty in “Back to the future 2”.

Diane Keaton and Al Pacino on the set of “The godfather”.

Harrison Ford and Sean Young taking pictures between the scenes of “Blade runner”.

A photo directly from the set of “Donnie Darko”.

“The Empire strikes back”: the princess Leia and Chewbacca.

Bill Murray literally fell asleep on the set of “Fantastic Mr. Fox”.

“Sleepy Hollow”: Johnny Depp has found a weapon against the Rider without a head.

Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is having fun during the recording of “(500) Days together.”

Steven Spielberg posing with “Jaws”.

Natalie Portman in “Leon: the perfect killer”.

Eli Roth learn to make the scalp for the role of “Bastards without glory”.

“Eternal brilliance of a mind without memories”. Mark Ruffalo and Kirsten Dunst do not let her sleep Jim Carrey.

A “Hobbit” unfriendly.

“Marie Antoinette” learning to master modern technologies.

“Titanic”: this time it’s Rose that was in the water.

“Frankenstein” made a ceremony of tea between scenes.

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