20 Photos painful that demonstrate that the failure is found where you least expect it

The odds of winning the lottery are 1 in 175 million,but sometimes, it seems that the luck has no chance against the “dark side” of the world.

In Great.guru , not only are we fortunate to have readers as awesome as you, but we are also eager to share some stories about successes, failures, and only for that, if you’re having a stressful day, you can remember: well, at least my life is not so bad. Are you ready?

1. A powerful tool in the hands of a fool is only a piece of iron

2. “I am still as angry as when I took this photo last year”

3. “I opened a box of tasty chocolates just to see this”

4. How do you get hired?

“Advanced solutions of parking lot.”

5. “I just wanted to make a sandwich…”

6. Waffle blueberry… or maybe, only one

7. “I spent hours completing this difficult puzzle and now I can not finish it”

8. It was a theft to peel this egg

9. “Every time I want to open a pack…”

10. “Whenever I open a Reese’s peanut butter is some chocolate in the background. That makes me crazy”

11. These shelves for shoes

12. “This happened when I pulled out my bananas out of the bag”

13. When you purchase a box with varieties without variety:

14. A popsicle with a single leg

15. “I’m practicing for the Day of Action of Thanks”

16. “I just received my Valentine’s day gift! Thanks to Shari’s Berries and the transport company that brought the gift home”

17. When all the coverage of your doughnut left in the bag:

18. A complete package of water-melons upside down

19. “I did what you asked me, obviously”

Pull with both hands.

20. “I just open a bag of dried meat “filled with 99.9 %”

What of these images made you feel bad for the unfortunate person who had to deal with this situation? Make sure to share your experiences with us in the comments!

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