20+ Pictures in which something didn’t work out according to plan

The matches can not only be happy, but also completely ridiculous. To see at least one of these coincidences, you start to believe that the universe wants to tell you something. But most of the times, he has nothing to see, only that people did their work without thinking about the consequences of their oversights. So get comfortable, because we have prepared for you a portion of the matches more fun and absurd in the world.

Great.guru has found examples of photos in which random things did not coincide in the best way.

Apparently, the company is trying to advertise in new ways…

This cannot be justified either by the lack of hours of sleep of the designer

At least they managed to call attention to the sign

“Not to exceed 20 children.”

When you want to give support, but only create a detriment all

“You don’t care, just surrender”.

The cloud complemented the photo in a way that made everyone feel a little awkward

With that, this is what was hiding behind the harsh appearance male

The bird on the poster that promotes veganism look at the figure of a rooster placed on top of a store selling chickens

That is why you need to think 100 times before hanging up a poster

The attraction between the advertisements and the trash cans sometimes seems insurmountable

Hanging posters is a whole science, and this is a proof of it

Impossible to have done it on purpose

“Closer than you think”.

“I think we better hope to get home…”


There seems to be a proposal too tempting to resist

“Step into fall”.

The level of sarcasm of this picture is from another planet

“We accept resumes for the position of Consultant on Sale of Wireless Networking.”

A good reason to not intrude on the selfies outside

The creators of this poster clearly did not expect an effect as well

“Dare to be tender”.

It seems that the girl has a piercing

Only a false move from the seamstress, and we received a surprise holiday as well

Clearly it would have to sustain another thing in your hand

“So we see the face of my brother in the rearview mirror”

“Thank you! Best we managed without ice cream”

“Do you have heat? I buy an ice cream!”.

This announcement made that Chris Pratt had breasts

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